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We are Northwest Florida’s premier Star Trek Fan Organization!  But we’re far more than just a group that likes to get together to discuss the series and movies.  We are group dedicated to making a positive difference in our community.  The Continuum does this in various ways:

  • We celebrate IDIC – Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations.  Like the Federation, every individual member each has an important role within our organization regardless of his or her personal tastes.  Everyone has valuable and unique ideas, abilities, and connections that can make the Continuum the best it can be.
  • Since its founding, the Continuum has been active in helping various community service organizations, including the Ronald McDonald House, Manna Food Pantries, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, Adopt-A-Shore, and Clean and Green (now Keep Pensacola Beautiful).  It’s an important part of the Continuum’s calendar to participate in clean-ups, collection drives, and other fundraisers to help these important organizations.
  • The Continuum looks to use Star Trek to teach about science, technology, and philosophy.

Monthly meetings and other activities allow members to come together and discuss new ideas, share information, and socialize. We also recognize crewmembers that have distinguished themselves through extraordinary service to both the Continuum and the community. Although how much each member is involved in the group varies, active crewmembers note there’s nothing quite like being involved, helping our club and community prosper. See our calendar page for dates.

Although the Continuum is a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, membership in STARFLEET is not required for joining the Continuum but highly encouraged. Those that do join our parent organization have the opportunity to vote in elections, hold Officer rank, hold official ship positions, and take part in everything STARFLEET has to offer.

To join the Continuum, please see our “Join” page. You can join or renew online, mail your annual membership to the address listed, or join us at one of our events. All events listed on the “Calendar” are open to the public. More information about STARFLEET can be found at its website. For additional information about the Continuum, contact co@usscontinuum.com.

“What the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”
Continuum motto

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