Commanding Officer: FCAPT Jay Gallops
Executive Officer: CDR Paul Jacobs
Second Officer: LT Ricky Wallace
Chief Financial Officer: LTjg Cissy Carnley
Counselor: LTJG Lori Holberg

Chief of Engineering: CA Dan Ditto

Chief of Medical: LT Dorothy Wallace
Chief of Operations: LCDR Lynette Bason
Chief of Sciences: CDR Paul Jacobs


CA Brian Boiling
Jordan Britt
LT Wayne Davis
CDR Connie Fleming
ENS Wayland Mann
Kevin Morrison
FCAPT Peggy Moshell
CR Kris Raiten
LT Fran Smith
CA Don Villines
CENS Trip Wallace




Member Ranks Abbreviations:

FCAPT – Fleet Captain
CAPT – Captain
CDR – Commander
LCDR – Lieutenant Commander
LT – Lieutenant
LTJG – Lieutenant Junior Grade
ENS – Ensign

MCPO – Master Chief Petty Officer
SCPO – Senior Chief Petty Officer
CPO – Chief Petty Officer
PO1 – Petty Officer First Class
PO2 – Petty Officer Second Class
PO3 – Petty Officer Third Class
CRM – Crewman
CA – Crewman Apprentice
CR – Crewman Recruit

Cadet Ranks:
CCAPT. – Cadet Captain
CCDR. – Cadet Commander
CLCDR. – Cadet Lieutenant Commander
CLT – Cadet Lieutenant
CLTJG – Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade
CENS – Cadet Ensign

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