The strength of the Continuum lies in the participation and diversity of its membership. We are constantly searching for new people to join our ranks and contribute. Membership is open to everyone. You don’t even have to live in the Pensacola area.

Although membership in STARFLEET is not required, it is always encouraged. To join, see their website.

Cost for joining the Continuum is $5 monthly for individual membership, plus $1 for each additional member of the same household ($6 for 2, $7 for 3, etc.).

There are two ways to join:

A. Via Paypal. Adjust the quantity on the next page to include how many months you wish to pay for.

Number of members in the same household


B. Fill out our membership application and send it with your check or money order to:

USS Continuum
1 Talladega Trail
Pensacola, FL 32506-3559

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