Engage us at PENSACON 2018!
Engage us at PENSACON 2018! avatar

One of the biggest things I love about Pensacon is the opportunity to meet more Star Trek fans in the Pensacola area.  And in a little over two weeks from this writing (February 23-25), we’ll be back for Year 5!  There’s a number of ways the Continuum plans to be (or already is) involved with the Gulf Coast’s biggest sci-fi convention:


    1. The Guardian of Forever
    • THE GUARDIAN OF FOREVER AT PENSACOLA INTERGALACTIC AIRPORT.    Back on January 23, the Continuum revealed its new Star Trek themed display — the Guardian of Forever — at the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport’s Renaming Ceremony.  It’s located in the baggage claim area, and will remain until Monday, February 26.  Feel free to stop by to enjoy the display and take pictures.  (Many thanks to Ricky Wallace, Sarah Marie Jones, Paul Jacobs, Connie Fleming, and crew members of the Harry Mudd in the design of the Guardian and the additional displays).


    • THE BRIDGE AND TRANSPORTER SETS RETURN TO ATLAS OYSTER HOUSE. After you enjoy your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Pensacon, set a course for Atlas Oyster House where our Original Series’ Captain’s Chair, Helm/Navigation Console, and Transporter Console & Pad replicas will be back!  



    • COSPLAY DAY.  See what we’ve been doing in Trek costuming!  Continuum members will return to Pensacola Intergalactic Airport for photo ops as a part of “Cosplay Day” 2018 on Tuesday, February 20.                         
    • AN EVENING WITH ROBERT PICARDO.  And finally, don’t miss “An Evening with Robert Picardo,” Thursday, February 22, at 6:30 p.m.  Get a photo with Mr. Picardo and some unique gifts, socialize with other fans (including us USS Continuum members), and check out some very cool Trek props.   Get your tickets here

Of course, the Continuum will stay active months after Pensacon with cosplay workshops, display workshops, community service, social events, conventions, and more!  We’re able to do these things because our membership and supporters are constantly growing, ready to celebrate all things Star Trek!  

We looking forward to seeing you all there!  

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Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.
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