Costume Bowl V

Since 2015, two Northwest Florida sci-fi fan groups — STARFLEET‘s USS Continuum and the 501st Legion’s Parjai Squad have organized one of the most exciting cosplay charity events on the Gulf Coast: the COSTUME BOWL!

We’ve donated ALL of our proceeds from this fundraiser – over $5,000 in total – to support Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House! And we’re excited to be back for our fifth year!

Join us on SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019, starting at 1 P.M. at CORDOVA LANES BOWLING CENTER (2111 Airport Blvd in Pensacola)!

* Cost for a group is $75 per lane. The price includes three games & bowling shoes for up to six bowlers. OR you can sign up as an individual for only $15. Pre-registering reserves your spot, but it is not required. (It does get you free raffle tickets, however).

* Costumes are also not required! They’re there to add a little fun to the event. But our main goal is to support great charities. Costumes do not have to be sci-fi or fantasy-related, but it does need to be family friendly!

* To add a little fun (and to continue with our fundraising efforts), you can buy yourself a Strike for $5, Gutter balls for your opponents for $2.50, or raise the bumpers for $10 a game.

* Don’t forget about our bake sales & raffles!

* How the Costume Bowl works: because this is organized by a Star Trek fan group and a Star Wars fan group, when you register, you’re asked to join “TEAM FEDERATION” or “TEAM EMPIRE.”

We have ELEVEN AWARDS we give out:

  1. best bowler
  2. best team average
  3. best individual costume
  4. best costumed theme for a group
  5. best sportsmanship
  6. best team spirit
  7. the bowler with the lowest score
  8. the bowler with the longest turkey streak (3+ strikes in a row)
  9. the group with the most bowlers scoring turkeys
  10. best bowler, aged 12 & under
  11. best individual costume, aged 12 & under

The winner of each award (individual or group) scores a point for their respective TEAM to see what franchise has the best local fans!

* Don’t forget your donations for Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House for more free raffle tickets! Click on the links to learn more!

Many thanks to this year’s sponsors!

* Cordova Lanes Bowling Center

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