Trouble Understanding ‘The Burn’?
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There has been much discussion regarding Discovery’s science. Is it easy to understand? Or are we just meant to swallow and keep ‘trekking’ on. I recently found an article at that dares to explain how ‘The Burn’ from Star Trek Discovery could have occurred.

See for your self!! Comments welcome!

Celebrating 25 years of “Deep Space Nine”
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Deep Space Nine station and characters

Some of the many characters of Deep Space Nine surrounding the space station and the USS Defiant. Clockwise from top: Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, Quark, Ezri Dax, Jake Sisko, Nog, Elim Garak, Vic Fontaine, Leeta, Odo, Michael Eddington, Kassidy Yates, Rom, Keiko O’Brien, Worf, Jadzia Dax, Julian Bashir, and Miles O’Brien.

We here at the Continuum are always looking to get together and celebrate Star Trek on every momentous occasion we can think of. “Star Trek Day” (aka “First Contact Day”) every April… the anniversary of our own commissioning as a chapter of STARFLEET every December… the 50th Anniversary of the Original Series back in 2016…  the 30th Anniversary of The Next Generation last year…  At 6 pm this evening at McGuire’s Irish Pub, we’ll be celebrating again.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which premiered on this date back in 1993!

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10 topics for discussion at our September 6 meeting
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Every once in a while, the crew of the USS Continuum finds itself in the midst of a busy time.  Calendars are jammed full of events — celebrations, appearances, and our preparations for it all!  Well, fall 2017 is certainly one of those experiences as we look to close out this year and get ready for the next.  Here’s what you need to know in preparation for Wednesday’s meeting. Continue reading

“Star Trek: Beyond” premier recap
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The Continuum’s Star Trek: Beyond display at Carmike Cinemas, July 21-24, 2016.

It’s a little hard for me to believe that it’s been an entire week since our crew was at the Star Trek: Beyond premiere.  Life has yet to get completely back to normal for me, but it is slowly making it.  Still, I’d like to take this time to say “thank you” to the following people and groups:

  • Carmike Cinemas at 5149 Bayou Blvd for once again being great hosts for us.  We’ve been with them for the last three movies and a few other special events and they’ve always been great to us.

  • My fellow Continuum crewmembers Peter Arce, Lyn Bason, Dan Ditto, Eric Fass, Connie Fleming, Paul Jacobs, Peggy Moshell, Don Villines, Chris Weidel, and Mark Wright for helping me maintain our table and displays during the weekend.
  • Julio Diaz for the great article that appeared in last Saturday’s Pensacola News Journal.
  • And finally, every moviegoer that stopped by our table, talked with our members, picked up some information about the Continuum, filled out our Visitors’ Log, and got your picture taken in the Captain’s Chair.  Seventy-two seems to be our magic number.  That’s how many people signed our “Visitor’s Log” this last weekend, the same number of people that signed the Log during the Star Trek: Into Darkness Premier.  We enjoyed meeting you all and hope you’ll join us.


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!! avatar

We’re finally here!  And we’ve got big things in store Star Trek 50th anniversary delta-bto celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.  Be checking back to the Continuum website for more information coming soon.  And don’t forget to be a part of the action by joining us at our meetings and other scheduled events.

Happy 20th, Star Trek: Voyager
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star_trek_voyager_by_skippernita-d586ny2Twenty years ago today, the USS Voyager was thrown into the Delta Quadrant, where it would spend the next seven years trying to get back home.

It took me a long while to actually appreciate this series. Maybe because it was airing the same time as Deep Space Nine.  And I loved (and still love) that series best out of all the Trek series.  But DS9 and Voyager were the most dissimilar of the bunch.  The former was on a stationary space station in one sector of space; the latter was on a ship that was constantly on-the-move.  The former was in the familiar Alpha Quadrant, focusing on several of the already-known alien species but occasionally introducing something new; the latter was the unknown Delta Quadrant, focusing on new alien species but occasionally going back those previously established.  The former could call up Starfleet any time they needed them; the latter couldn’t.  The former on serial storylines; the latter was more episodic.  And so forth and so on…  Night and day stuff.

On one hand, it was interesting to get back to exploring.  And to do the  isolation and survival-stories than they really couldn’t do in the other Trek series.  But throughout those seven years, they may have been able to take Voyager out of the Alpha Quadrant, but they couldn’t keep the Alpha Quadrant out of Voyager.  Writers kept finding some way for familiar alien and storylines to keep popping up.  But on the other hand, a lot of things got “watered down” — the Borg as an adversary being one of them (although they did explore more of the inner-workings of the Borg than The Next Generation ever did).  They could only put them at a disadvantage so much before it would be next to impossible for them to recover.

I watched Voyager until DS9 went off the air.  And then I stopped until right before the end.  It wouldn’t be until years later that I’d go back and see all that I missed.  And I found, it was still a good series, one that had a lot of interesting stories.   Isolation from the Alpha Quadrant.  Civil rights for holograms.  Seven of Nine’s human development.  Insurrection: Alpha.  Species 8472.  The Hirogen.  The Delta Flyer.  Captain Proton.

So happy 20th, Voyager!  It was a very good journey.