Yuri's Night Pensacola!
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On Friday, April 9, 6 to 10 p.m., at the PJC Planetarium, the Continuum along with the Escambia Amateur Astronomers Association will host Yuri’s Night Pensacola, a free event that’s open to the public.

Named after the first human in space, Yuri’s Night: World Space Party has been celebrated annually ever since 2001. However, this will be the first year the event has come to Pensacola.

YNP 2010 will feature:

1. Planetarium shows. The theater has recently gone through some upgrades, and if you’ve never seen a Planetarium show… or even if you have… this is a perfect opportunity to be amazed!

2. Telescopes to view the heavens (weather permitting, of course), provided by members of the EAAA.

3. Various displays and videos on space exploration.

4. Information about the EAAA and the USS Continuum.

5. Costumes. ALL attendees are strongly encouraged to wear sci-fi costumes or space-related clothing.

6. PARTY!!! The ultimate goal of Yuri’s Night as we celebrate humanity’s achievements in space past, present, and future.

For more information, contact me, Jay Gallops. Also, be a part of the discussion on Facebook,
, and Twitter. And keep checking back to the Continuum website for more updates.

Festival on the Green – March 26 & 27
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On March 26 & 27, the Continuum will once again participate in UWF’s Festival on the Green.

Last year was our first time at this event. We became involved through the efforts of Sharon Bogart, and were stationed outside at the John C. Pace Library, right next to the Amateur Astronomers. We were only there for the Saturday, busy promoting the group and a Planetarium event — an event that, unfortunately, had to be cancelled due to some technical problems outside of our control. But we still had fun and have been looking forward to FOG 2010 for some time now.

For this year, a few things are different, a few things are the same. Last year’s Star Trek film became a huge success! We now have a Captain’s Chair. And we’ve gained some new members. All of which will make FOG 2010 better for us!

On March 3, I, along with Chris Hammonds and Connie Fleming, met with Jeff Comeau and other FOG planners. We will be inside the new School of Science & Engineering complex , which had its grand opening this last February. We are sure to see a fair amount of traffic as Continuum members in Star Trek uniforms and costumes guide visitors in the building showcasing the robotics lab, the AI lab, and the “Holodeck” 3-D virtual reality simulator.

The Captain’s Chair will also be available. For the first time, we will have a backdrop that will feature a projected image of the bridge stations behind the chair. As we did at the movie premier, we’ll be taking pictures of those taking the center seat.

We also intend to be present for both days this year. Hours for Festival on the Green are from 1 to 4 p.m. on Friday the 26th and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday the 27th.

As for what’s the same, we’ll still be promoting a Planetarium Event. This time it’s “Yuri’s Night Pensacola” on April 9. (Hopefully, we’ll have much better luck this go-round 🙂 ). And we’re sure to have fun talking to potential members all about the exciting things going on with the USS Continuum.

Another good reason to join our fine organization
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I received a letter in the mail last Thursday from Brad Larsen, Business Development Officer for Pen Air Federal Credit Union. Not only has the Continuum been approved for membership, all of our members and their immediate families are eligible to open accounts. Simply go by a PAFCU branch to speak with a respresentative, and they’ll help you get started.

ST:TMP Behind The Scenes
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From TrekToday.com

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Behind The Scenes

Posted by T’Bonz – 05/03/10 at 03:03 pm A ten minute behind-the-scenes “making of” documentary featurette reel for Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been posted to YouTube.

“Space, the final frontier. Gene Roddenberry invites you to go where few have gone before, behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” says the narrator of featurette, before taking fans on a trip to the movie-making world of 1979.

Fans are treated to behind-the-scenes details about the movie, including the construction of several Enterprise models to be used in the movie; the space station Epsilon 9, destroyed in the beginning of the film; Klingon battlecruisers which met the same fate as the space station; the probe; Vulcan, including the matte backgrounds and an explanation of what the model was for Vulcan backgrounds; and the large V’ger set.

Persis Khambatta, who appears as the bald Deltan Lt. Ilia in the movie, is shown getting her hair cut and shaved to attain the alien look. A few tears welled up in her eyes as her locks fell to the floor.

Other aliens are shown donning their masks and makeup; both new aliens and familiar ones such as the blue-skinned, antennaed Andorians.

Three hundred extras, including over one hundred Star Trek fans invited by Gene Roddenberry and Susan Sackett, are shown getting ready for their part in the movie. The massive set upon which they would stand (used only for the one day of shooting, and then dismantled) took hundreds of hours to assemble.

Command Staff Meeting
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Join us Friday March 5th at Books-A-Million at 7pm for our Command Staff Meeting. Our main topic will be making plans for the Yuri’s Night party.

This is your opportunity to help steer the ship in the direction you want it to go.

The badges are coming! The badges are coming!
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From TrekMovie.com

In November Qmx worked with Paramount on a special exclusive Blu-ray set for Best Buy, which included a set of four replica badges. So the only way to get the badges was with that set, until now. Today Qmx announced the badges (the same ones from the exclusive Best Buy Blu-ray set) will be available for retail, sold separately for $9.95 each. There are four different badges to choose: Command, Science, Engineering and Medical. Each badge is made from steel and hand-burnished. All are screen-accurate replicas of the original badges used for the film (although those were made of prop plastic).

According to QMx, the badges will be shipping by April 9th. They will be available at comic shops and other retailers.

UPDATE: Badges can now be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.


Speaking of cool stuff to wear: Have you ordered your Continuum shirt yet?

2010 Short Story Contest
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From SFI.org :

Are you an aspiring Star Trek fan fiction author? Do you enjoy writing Star Trek fan fiction and would like to share your work with your friends in STARFLEET? Well, now you can!Back by popular demand is the Short Story Contest! So many of you had a great time with it in 2009 that we decided to make it happen again in 2010 and give all of our budding authors a chance to share their work.

We haven’t announced the opening of the Short Story Contest earlier as we wanted to get through the final talks of who would be our Guest Judge, and we’ve only finalized that very recently.The Guest Judge for the 2010 STARFLEET Short Story Contest will be none other than accomplished author and script writer D.C. Fontana.

Ms. Fontana is known for some of the best episodes of classic Star Trek, such as “The Way to Eden”, “The Enterprise Incident” and “The Ultimate Computer”; Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “Heart of Glory”, “Too Short a Season” and “The Naked Now”; the Deep Space Nine episode “Dax”; and, most recently, the Star Trek: New Voyages webisode “To Serve All My Days”.

Submissions are going to be accepted slightly differently this year than they had been last year – this year authors are going to be required to submit their contest entries to the all-new STARFLEET Fiction Archive, available on the World Wide Web at:

http://fiction.sfi.org/   ……..

Yard Sale
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The U.S.S. Continuum is holding a yard sale this Saturday, Feburary the 20th!
This fund raising event will run from 7am to 2pm.

Location: 7748 Folkstone Dr Pensacola, FL 32514-6611

It's A Record
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From TrekMovie.com

Today in London, Namco Bandai organized a world record attempt at the largest gathering of people in Star Trek costumes. The stunt was done to promote Star Trek Online in Europe and according to the people at Guinness, they set the record.London gathering sets fan costume record

Report and photos from Daniel Lewis

The costume gathering stunt was conducted at 1PM on Sunday at the Millennium Bridge in London.

This is the first time Guinness World Records have ever been called upon to adjudicate such an event and judges were ably assisted by Giles Aston, a Star Trek aficionado and professional ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ impersonator in determining the authenticity of the participants’ cosplay attempts.

The Guinness people were on hand, and they counted a total of 99 fans (probably less than Namco was hoping for). But the adjudicators from Guinness determined it was the new world record and awarded it on the spot.

You can see all the images at http://trekmovie.com/2010/02/14/world-record-set-for-trekkies-in-costume-in-london-report-photos/