Day of Honor
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Today is Bajaj. The Klingon Day of Honor.

From Owen Swart, CO of the USS Dauntless:

It means Day of Honour. The Klingons celebrate it every year, and so do many Trekkies, such as myself. March 23rd was chosen because it is the anniversary of the first appearance of Klingons in Star Trek, back in 1967.

 The Day of Honour is a day when every Klingon examines himself and his actions over the last year, and tries to determine if he has acted with honour.

 In matters of honour, a warrior is accountable only to himself. He must judge himself fairly, but privately. For this reason I won’t be spilling out a full audit of my activities over the past year for your reading pleasure.

 Instead, I encourage each of you to look within yourself this batjaj, and examine your actions… Look at your intentions, your words and the results thereof. Ask yourself, “If I were in that situation again, knowing what I know now, would I react the same way?” And, most importantly, take the answer of that question to heart… Use it to influence your daily actions and attitudes, so that when next batjaj comes around, you may judge yourself less harshly.



One of the most reflective of the Klingon rituals is the annual Day of Honor. For this, a Klingon looks back on his life and examines his behavior to see if it can measure up to that of Kahless.

With traditional blood pie served on the day and a targ’s heart eaten in a symbolic gesture that brings courage to the participant, the Klingon is also asked by an interrogator if he has come to have his honor challenged. The Klingon is then further questioned and through his answers he comes to the realization of whether or not the previous year has been one he can be proud of.

If his worthiness is suspect, he may either be tasked with the Ritual of 20 Painstiks or forced to battle a bat’leth master. Once completed, the Klingon can make start to make amends for his shortcomings or be proud of his worthiness.   

From Memory Beta:

The Day of Honor, known in Klingon as Batlh jaj, was a time of celebration and ritual for the Klingon people. It is customary to serve Rokeg blood pie during this time.

This Klingon holiday is a time when the warrior must reflect on their life and judge whether the actions they have taken are honorable or not. The warrior must also respect the honor of both friends and enemies which essentially means everyone, regardless of race, are treated as Klingons. This allows anyone to participate in Suv’batleth. (VOY episode: “Day of Honor“)

It is said that a Klingon warrior must make an alliance with a hated enemy during the trial. (DS9 comic: “Day of Honor“)

Event ideas from the Klignon Assault Group:

Blood Feuds (Blood donation drive vs. a Starfleet-style group.)
A canned Food Drive for a local food bank.
Cleaning up a section of Highway…or other public space.
Clothing Drive to benefit a local charity.
Discussing and teaching the Klingon Language at a school or Library.
A Jail & Bail to benefit a charity or community group.
A John M. Ford Trust benefit.
Reading to kids at a Library or School.
Sponsoring an animal at a Zoo.
A Toy collection for children in need.
Visiting patients at a local hospital. (Yes, in uniform.)

From myself:

Today is a day to gather with friends and look at yourselves honestly. Have you done the things you said you would do? Have you consistantly acted in a way that makes you proud of who you are? What have you done over the past year that you can learn from?

Star Trek Style Force Field
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Once again we find Star Trek influencing the real world. Thank you Sharon, the ship’s counselor, for sharing this article.

From The Telegraph.

A space-age “force field” capable of protecting armoured vehicles and tanks by repelling incoming fire is being developed by British military scientists.

The new type of armour will use pulses of electrical energy to repel rockets, shrapnel and other ammunition that might damage a vehicle.

Researchers at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), which is the research and development arm of the Ministry of Defence, claim it is possible to incorporate material known as supercapacitors into armour of a vehicle to turn it into a kind of giant battery….

Read more at the website:

Ship Meeting
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Join us Friday night at PJC for our March meeting. Start time is 7pm and you can find us in the breezeway next to the planetarium.

The main topic of this meeting will be our April 9th Yuri’s Night event. Billy Lyons will also be filming interviews with crew members.

ST:TMP Behind The Scenes
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Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Behind The Scenes

Posted by T’Bonz – 05/03/10 at 03:03 pm A ten minute behind-the-scenes “making of” documentary featurette reel for Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been posted to YouTube.

“Space, the final frontier. Gene Roddenberry invites you to go where few have gone before, behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” says the narrator of featurette, before taking fans on a trip to the movie-making world of 1979.

Fans are treated to behind-the-scenes details about the movie, including the construction of several Enterprise models to be used in the movie; the space station Epsilon 9, destroyed in the beginning of the film; Klingon battlecruisers which met the same fate as the space station; the probe; Vulcan, including the matte backgrounds and an explanation of what the model was for Vulcan backgrounds; and the large V’ger set.

Persis Khambatta, who appears as the bald Deltan Lt. Ilia in the movie, is shown getting her hair cut and shaved to attain the alien look. A few tears welled up in her eyes as her locks fell to the floor.

Other aliens are shown donning their masks and makeup; both new aliens and familiar ones such as the blue-skinned, antennaed Andorians.

Three hundred extras, including over one hundred Star Trek fans invited by Gene Roddenberry and Susan Sackett, are shown getting ready for their part in the movie. The massive set upon which they would stand (used only for the one day of shooting, and then dismantled) took hundreds of hours to assemble.

Command Staff Meeting
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Join us Friday March 5th at Books-A-Million at 7pm for our Command Staff Meeting. Our main topic will be making plans for the Yuri’s Night party.

This is your opportunity to help steer the ship in the direction you want it to go.

Helmet For My Pillow
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At some poit today or tonight I will start reading Helmet For My Pillow. This is one of the biographies that the new HBO series The Pacific is based on. It’s been a long time since I read any books about World War II. This should be interesting.

The book is about Robert Leckie’s time from boot camp through his duty time in the Pacific during WWII. He enlisted in the USMC the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

While I enjoy being a STARFLEET Marine I believe it is important to remember those that served in the military and the sacrafices they made for all of us.

The badges are coming! The badges are coming!
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In November Qmx worked with Paramount on a special exclusive Blu-ray set for Best Buy, which included a set of four replica badges. So the only way to get the badges was with that set, until now. Today Qmx announced the badges (the same ones from the exclusive Best Buy Blu-ray set) will be available for retail, sold separately for $9.95 each. There are four different badges to choose: Command, Science, Engineering and Medical. Each badge is made from steel and hand-burnished. All are screen-accurate replicas of the original badges used for the film (although those were made of prop plastic).

According to QMx, the badges will be shipping by April 9th. They will be available at comic shops and other retailers.

UPDATE: Badges can now be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.

Speaking of cool stuff to wear: Have you ordered your Continuum shirt yet?