Welcome aboard!
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We are Northwest Florida’s Premier Star Trek and sci-fi fan organization!

As a chapter of STARFLEET, we are open to ALL types of sci-fi fans who like to meet together — in person and online — and play games, work on costumes and other displays, be involved in community service, study science, watch movies, plans events, and enjoy each other’s company!

All events listed on the “Calendar” page are open to the public. To contact any of the Continuum’s Command Staff, please check out the “Members” page.

Trouble Understanding ‘The Burn’?
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There has been much discussion regarding Discovery’s science. Is it easy to understand? Or are we just meant to swallow and keep ‘trekking’ on. I recently found an article at starTrek.com that dares to explain how ‘The Burn’ from Star Trek Discovery could have occurred.

See for your self!! Comments welcome!


27th Anniversary Dinner Celebration
27th Anniversary Dinner Celebration avatar

For 27 years, the USS Continuum has been in operation as a commissioned chapter of STARFLEET! All those who attended on December 4, 2020 will now remember that day as when we came together to celebrate our crew, our friendships and our ship.
That evening, we recognized crew members who have advanced in rank over the year and ones that achieved special accolades. We also used this occasion, so close to the earth’s Christmas celebration, to exchange gifts with one another.
The Officers and Crewmen of the USS Continuum Send You Greetings of Long Life and Prosperous New Beginnings in this New Year !

Pensacon Postponed…What to do now??
Pensacon Postponed…What to do now?? avatar

With the recent news of Pelicon and Pensacon 2021 being postponed we are left wondering, what now?
What other sci-fi entertainment choices are there?
USS Continuum is here with an answer! Join us this year as we go into uncharted ‘space’ with group outings, ‘Ten Forward’, Display Workshops, Community projects and more to come!
We love our Trek but we welcome one and all
From all ends of the Galaxy!
Join Us by registering here or find us on Facebook.

Anniversary Dinner with the Crew

The Continuum is back!
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After a crazy start of the year, the Continuum is slowly (and cautiously) getting back together:

  • Meetings on the first Friday at PoFolks have resumed. For those that would rather join us online, however, we will have a Facebook Messenger Room that you can join. (You don’t have to have a Facebook profile in order to do so). Please contact Jay Gallops to receive an invite or more information.
  • We’re in the process of possibly updating our governing documents. The last time we did so was way back in 2012, and we feel it’s past time to fully reexamine them.
  • We hope to have ongoing display workshops. At Pensacon last February, we noticed a few displays that needed repairs, and we’d also like to build new props and displays for the public to enjoy as our time and finances allow.
  • Plans are still underway for the annual Costume Bowl charity fundraiser to support Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House. We sincerely hope we’ll be able to safely do so on Sunday, October 4 at Cordova Lanes Bowling Center as since 2015, this has been a fun, successful event to support those in need within our community.
  • Other events will resume on a case-by-case basis.

As always, we strongly encourage you to follow the appropriate health guidelines before deciding to participate in any of our events. But we hope you’ll do what you can, whenever you can.

Celebrating our commissioning’s 26th Anniversary
Celebrating our commissioning’s 26th Anniversary avatar

It’s been 26 years since the USS Continuum has become a commissioned chapter of STARFLEET! On Friday, December 6, we’ll be celebrating our Anniversary Dinner at PoFolks (6895 N 9th Ave, Pensacola) at 6:30 pm. Join us for the evening as we get together for food, promotions and awards of our outstanding members throughout 2019, and our “Sneaky Santa” gift exchange!

Attendees of the 2018 Anniversary Dinner
Attendees of last year’s Anniversary Dinner

Requested dress is Starfleet uniform or other Star Trek costume or semi-formal attire. The only cost is for your meal and tip.

We ask that you please bring one wrapped and unlabled gift for the gift exchange and recommend you spend no more than $25 on it. At the conclusion of the evening, we go around the room with each person having the option of taking a gift and unwrapping it OR stealing one from another attendee already unwrapped.

Please RSVP by contacting Jay Gallops.

ENGAGE! avatar

Our website is changing!  A new theme!  New updates!  A few pages here very possibly will be going away.  A few others might be added.  We hope that’ll be easier to keep up with all the amazing things the USS Continuum will be doing in the next few months.


Update on Events: April 2019
Update on Events: April 2019 avatar

April is the month of changes. Almost every one of our regularly scheduled events has altered in some ways at some new ones have been added. Here’s a list of everything you need to know:

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) amongst the stars
Ahead Warp Factor One!


Typically held on the first Wednesday of the month, we’re swapping it with our “Dinner at Ten Forward” for April.

For the past few years, we’ve made it a tradition to celebrate “Star Trek Day” (aka “First Contact Day”) on or around April 5. But we don’t like to have too many events too close to each other if we can help it. And so, our “Star Trek Day Celebration” will start at 6:30 p.m., Friday, April 5 at the Cactus Flower Cafe, 3425 N 12th Ave.

Our meeting this month this month has been moved to 6 p.m., Monday, April 15 at our typical location — PoFolks, located on 6895 N 9th Ave. We’ll resume our typical schedule for meetings on Wednesday, May 1.

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