Warping ahead into 2015
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Well, it’s good to be back.  It has been a crazy holiday season, and as always, that cuts fun time with the Continuum a bit short.  But life now is slowly getting back to normal…

Or maybe not so “slowly.”   And what the heck is “normal” anyway?  I’ve gone from been busy at work to being busy with the Continuum all in one swoop.

But for starters, I am glad our website is back up and running.  We had a few problems with updating WordPress and eventually it got to the point where it looked like our website threw-up the alphabet.  Now that we’ve gotten that worked out, we’ll be sharing more news from our little corner of the universe.

Two very big items coming up in the early part of this year:

First, Pensacon, February 27 to March 1 at the Pensacola Bay Center and Crowne Plaza Hotel.  We had such a great time last year, and we’re really looking forward to Year Two.  Especially since they’ll be more Star Trek guests of honor in attendance this go-round.  Don’t forget to check out our fan table (where we hope to have some new display to go along with our repaired Captain’s Chair) and our fan panel — a Family Feud-type game we’re teaming-up with our sister chapter from Mobile to bring you.  We’ll also be helping out with this year’s Star Trek-themed party at the Deck.  More details on all of that coming very soon.

Second… and I don’t want to reveal too much about this just yet, not until we get a few more things are finalized… but I, as ship’s CO have been secretly meeting with leadership of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion’s Parjai Squad to organize a charity bowling fundraiser at the end of the April.  A little Star Trek and Star Wars fan action that looks to be a lot of fun.

2014 was a great year for us a group.  Our membership is back on the rise after a brief dip, and we hope to see it continue to soar.  We hope to be more involved in community service than in year’s past.  And we’ll be looking at organizing some fun fundraisers to allow us to handle all this excitement!  (Don’t forget to check out our Amazon Associates Store to help us with that 🙂 ).

Just one more year to go before the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, and I want to make sure we’re ready to open the floodgates of positive possibilities!  And we hope that you’ll all be with us for the ride.


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Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.
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