Traveling ahead on these crazy days at Warp 10

I know.  It’s been months since I last updated this blog, and by all appearances, it might appear that nothing is going on around here.  The truth is anything but.  We move from one crazy to the next: crazy from the Holiday Season, crazy from preparing for Pensacon, crazy from preparing for the Costume Bowl…  

Now we’re in a slightly different form of crazy: not centering around an event, per se, but on recruiting and fundraising — two things the Continuum needs right now to do all the cool things we want to do.  Granted, we’re always hoping to do those two, but this time, we’re just taking a bit more focus between events.  

But don’t worry: we’ll get back to the craziness of preparing for events very, very shortly.  The 30th Anniversary of The Next Generation is in September.  And then we have the premier of Discovery and then Quest-Con before we’re back into the Holiday Season and then onto 2018.

So what’s been going on in the meantime?

Costume Bowl III.  Our annual charity fundraiser that we organize with the Parjai Squad at Cordova Lanes to benefit Manna Food Pantries and the Gulf Coast Kid’s House — happened on Sunday, May 7, and we were able to raise $1,286.10.  More money than last year but we were only about $30 short of what raised in year one.  It has always been my goal to continue to do better, and I’m pleased with our results.  It’s always great to have a fun time will supporting awesome charities.  And a lot of bowlers think so too.

After the event, our team sat down and discussed what worked and what didn’t.  A few of the ideas we discussed were to get a date for next year’s event as soon as possible (which we’re already done: Costume Bowl IV will be on Sunday, April 29, 2018); promote the event more, particularly as cons; and do more with video.  

For the last one, in particular, I’ve noticed many bowlers just get in costume and bowl while taking a part in the bake sales and raffles.  Which, I suppose, is fine.  But there’s a lot more to the Costume Bowl with the use of Mulligans (sales for those were down this year) and the awards we give to decide if the victory goes to TEAM EMPIRE or TEAM FEDERATION.  It’s a much more strategic game than I think some people realize.  Which, in turn, can make it more fun!  So we’re hoping to create some videos that will explain better how you can take you and your team to victory.

And speaking of awards: WE WERE DEFEATED!!  QUITE BADLY, I MIGHT ADD!  

TEAM EMPIRE score 8 victories the FEDERATION’s 1.  (Ouch, ouch!  It still hurts).  One of the ways we can correct that problem is by getting more FEDERATION groups to bowl and learn about the various awards we’re giving out (hint, hint).  Sunday, April 29.  Let’s make plans to be there.


Special Events on the Holodeck.  We’ve added a new monthly event series at the Tyron Branch Library, 1200 Langely Ave, usually on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 2 pm.  (We had to move it to the 1st Saturday in June and will have to do so again in November).

Sorry, there’s no real holodeck involved.  But this is just our chance to do something fun and sociable that’s Star Trek-related.  It may be watching videoes, playing games, or having some type of presentation.  So we hope you’ll join us!


Someone has joined the Captain on the Bridge.
Those droids can fly anything!


Mobicon.  This was the first year our group stayed the entire weekend and brought all our our displays — the Captain’s Chair, the Helm/Navigation console, and the Transporter Room.  Besides meeting with fans and doing some pictures, there were two good things we were able to take away from this:

  1. We were able to see how well taking our displays to another city worked out, something we’ve never done before.  We saw a few areas that we can improve upon, as well as few minor repairs we need to make with our displays.
  2. We were able to talk with members of the Mobile chapter, USS Jubilee, about future display workshops, something I’m very excited about pursuing in the next month or so.


Now for some highlights as to what’s coming up:

    • Business meeting days and times are currently being reconsidered.  We were having two meetings a month but decided to cancel one in favor of the “Special Events on the Holodeck,” only going back to two if and when needed.  However, recently a few of our members have informed me that Saturday mornings are a bad time for them.  Do we move the meeting to a weekday evening?  Do we go back to two meetings a month?  (With the need to recruit and fundraise and to keep up with all the other things we do right now, there might be need to).  It’s something we’ll need to discuss.


    • Our group will be traveling to the STARFLEET International Conference in New Orleans, LA, August 18-20.  IC is the annual business conference of our parent organization and this year’s event is the closest it’s ever been to the Pensacola area.  (On a side note, my mother’s parents’ used to live right down the street of the hotel its in).

  • More happenings at the Pensacola International Airport.  We want to thank Director Dan Flynn for allowing us to use the Airport’s facilities to shoot some promotional videos for the group.  (More of those coming soon).  We’re also in the works of doing something there for the 30th Anniversary of The Next Generation this September.
  • Speaking of the 30th Anniversary, we’ll have another Celebration dinner on or around September 28.


No doubt, keeping all of this straight and running smoothly is a full-time job — one I don’t get paid for but enjoy nonetheless.  You can keep with all of this by liking and checking out our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.  

…But there’s nothing quite like joining us for one of our events.  Anything we feature here or through social media is free (unless otherwise specified) and open to the public.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Star Trek fan or what your favorite series and movies are.  We’re “Star Trek Enthusiasts” looking for others ready to take their fandom to the next level by using it for community service and other creative endeavors while connecting with other fans!

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