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Just a quick note… 2016 is already gearing up to a amazing (yet very busy) year! We’ve just finished up with Pensacon where we were excited to meet people who stopped by our fan table at the Crowne Plaza.  We are also very excited to be a part of the “Costume Cosplay Day” at the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport.  (Check out the photos from the event here).  Also, many thank to Atlas Oyster House for hosting the TOS Bridge Set — Captain’s Chair & Helm/Navigation console — during the weekend; always a great staff, great location, and great food!

With last weekend’s Region 2 Summit finished, the Continuum is turning its focus first to our yard sale a week from this Saturday and to the Costume Bowl.  Last year’s Bowl was a huge success, raising over $1,300 for Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House, and we hope to raise even more this year.

And plenty more things are coming:

  • Display workshops.  The next one is set for Saturday, April 2 as we do some touchups for the Helm/Nav console and then transport our attention to… ahem, the Transporter Console & Pad.
  • “Star Trek Day” to be celebrated a day early on Monday, April 4 in uniform/costume as part of April’s “Dinner at Ten Forward”
  • Costuming workshops
  • Star Trek Viewings
  • Star Trek Gaming
  • More public appearances, including future conventions and the Star Trek Beyond weekend premiere.
To encourage even more participation, our group has started giving out latinum to our members for being at meetings, community service events, recruiting events, fundraisers, and workshops.  Those members can then trade in their bars to have the Continuum help pay for uniforms/costumes, trips to conventions, items in the Continuum store, and more.  Just a way we’re giving back to our group for all the hard work in supporting us.  To get your fair share, make sure you join, keep your membership up-to-date, and be involved.

And finally, maybe you’ve been thinking about checking our group out in-person but have been a little hesitant because you’re not sure as to what you’ll be getting into.  We ask you to come to our Saturday, March 19th meeting where we’ll be giving more details about the Continuum; our parent organization, STARFLEET; and all the many things we have planned.  It’s a meeting geared more to newcomers.  Check us out.  There’s never any obligation to officially become a member. Casual attire, relaxed atmosphere.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a fan for 50 years or 50 minutes or what you’re favorite series is.  I’ve found that the best way to further Trek fandom is for people to be involved with groups like the USS Continuum.  Sure, you can enjoy Star Trek privately with your friends and family, but official groups stand out in the public eye whether it be in conventions, through community service, or at our events.  And you’re able to have fun sharing your passion for everything sci-fi with people that share that passion.  This is truly a great time for you to check us out!

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Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.
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