Star Trek Putt-Putt Tournament
Star Trek Putt-Putt Tournament avatar

We’re doing putt-putt “Star Trek style.”

The event is scheduled for this Saturday, March 19 at Sam’s Fun City (6709 Pensacola Blvd), but we have changed the time to start at 2 p.m.

At last weekend’s Region 2 Summit, the Continuum purchased two Star Trek collectible plates: one featuring “The Menagerie” and the other “The Tholian Web.”  One of these plates will go to the winner and the other one will be saved for another, perhaps a future putt-putt tournament.

However, to win a plate, you must not only  have the best score, but you must also be in a properly-worn Star Trek costume.  Meaning, if you have a Federation Starfleet uniform top, you must have black pants and black shoes to go with it.  And that also means Continuum shirts, STARFLEET shirts, and Star Trek shirts are ineligible.

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