The Costume Bowl Sponsorship FAQs


  1. How can I, my business, or organization help make the Costume Bowl a great success to raise money for charity?

One or more of five possible ways:


First, your business or organization can become an official sponsor of the Costume Bowl by purchasing a sign and advertising space for $100.  That sign will be displayed at Cordova Lanes from Thursday, May 4 to Monday, May 8, reaching an estimated 800 people – not just those that will be attending the Costume Bowl.

The people seeing your sign will be part of a willing captive audience — they’ll see that sign again and again as they have great fun bowling!


Second, you can donate items for our silent auctions.  Each auction will take place during the Costume Bowl on Sunday, May 7.  We’re looking for not only sci-fi collectibles but other valuable items to be bid on.  Participants will have a chance to view each item and then secretly list their bids.


Third, you can donate a prize to any of our bowling winners.  We have eleven awards we’re handing out (some of them, group awards), and we’d like to say “thank you” for the bowlers that do a great job bowling and supporting Manna Food Pantries and the Gulf Coast Kid’s House.


Fourth, you can provide coupons, gift cards, and the like, to be handed out to all participants, inviting them to take part in your business.



Fifth, allow us to put flyers advertising the Costume Bowl in your place of business.


Furthermore, all donors supporting in one or more of these five categories will also be featured on both this website and on our Facebook page as we show our appreciation back to you.


ALL proceeds from the Costume Bowl, including those raised from our official sponsors and from silent auctions, will be used to support Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House.



  1. Who can do this?

For-profit businesses, nonprofits, social clubs, advocacy groups, political organizations, religious organizations, families, private collectors — we’re open to just about anyone.




  1. What kind of people does the Costume Bowl market to?

We’ll have a wide variety of people at the Costume Bowl, but generally events like this will attract science fiction/fantasy & costume (“cosplay”) enthusiasts in their late teens to mid-30s.



  1. What kind of signs will be used for the sponsors?

After a sign is purchased, we’ll look at getting a computer file of your design.  Each sign will be made of corrugated plastic, measuring 30 by 48 inches, hung with two holes in the top corners for hanging.  Multiple colors are available.




  1. I already have a sign printed. Is there any way you can use that?

We here at the Costume Bowl are all about saving time, energy, and money so we can better serve our charities.  If you do already have a sign, we’ll be glad to look it and make sure it meets the acceptable specifications.  (While a sign doesn’t have to be exactly 30 x 48 inches, per se, we do need to make sure it would protrude the bowling lane or need to be stretched too far to be hung, for instance).



  1. Is there any way I can get help with designing my sign?

Yes for an additional fee.  The company we are having the signs printed from charges $80 per hour in designing a sign.



  1. Is there any way I can have my sign placed in a particular spot inside Cordova Lanes?

We’re willing to work with businesses & organizations in regards to sign placement, but we do charge extra to have signs placed in key, more visible areas.



  1. What is the deadline for ordering a sign?

We encourage every business & organization to sign up as soon as possible, giving us plenty of time to ensure every sign is printed to perfection in time for the Costume Bowl.  However, we are putting the absolute deadline for all sponsorships for Friday, April 28.



  1. Can I sponsor and/or donate items and have a group bowl?

Absolutely!  See our main FAQs page about the rules and then register your group.



  1. How can I sign up as a sponsor, donate items, or ask additional questions?

Please email Jay Gallops at



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