First Impression: The Walking Dead

Flat out excellent, baby! I have been touting this to friends, family, pretty much anyone I ran into for the past few weeks. Even while trying not to watch too much about it. The few things I had seen had looked good, and it seemed that comic series creator Robert Kirkman was having a lot of say in the screen adaptation, so that was enough for me. If director Frank Darabont (maker of the not-that-great The Mist and the magnificent The Shawshank Redemption) could transfer Kirkman’s tale to the small screen without too much medium distortion…

Well, no need to go on and on—he did it. This is just a great story, focusing more on the human than the zombie in every way. George Romero’s films are often lauded for being more than “just a horror movie” because of their social commentary, as well they should be, but Kirkman’s story is more than just a horror story for a completely different reason. Kirkman has focused on the human, even when it’s been zombified. He never lets us forget that zombies aren’t evil creatures, just us functioning differently. These zombies are predators, but not really responsible for their predations. It’s just their nature.

AMC’s tagline these days is “Story Matters Here” (how they explain airing any Halloween film above the third is in keeping with this slogan is one of this century’s great mysteries) and that is, by all accounts, an apt description of their original series fare. I admit to only having seen one ep of Remember WENN, and having never seen anything else from the channel, but if this premier of The Walking Dead is any indication I would say that is exactly right. A fantastic beginning for what looks to be a great series.

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