1. What is the name of Tuvok’s wife?
  2. T’Meni

  3. In “Flashback,” Tuvok contracted the memory virus from
  4. Dmitri Valtane
    Hikaru Sulu
    Janice Rand
    exposure to the Azure Nebula

  5. While on the U.S.S. Excelsior under the command of Hikaru Sulu, Tuvok served as a
  6. Communications Officer
    Junior Science Officer

  7. When Tuvok returned to Starfleet after nearly a fifty-year absence, which ship did first serve on?
  8. U.S.S. Hathaway
    U.S.S. Cheyenne
    U.S.S. Exeter
    U.S.S. Wyoming

  9. According to “Riddles,” how many commendations had Tuvok earned during his Starfleet career?
  10. 14

  11. What was the nickname Neelix gave Tuvok?
  12. “Tuvee”
    “Mister Vulcan”
    “Old pointed ears”
    “Green-blooded hobgoblin”

  13. Tuvok’s favorite pastime was the game of
  14. Kal-toh
    Parrises squares

  15. In “Worse Case Scenario,” it was revealed that Tuvok created the holodeck program “Insurrection Alpha” to
  16. help train damaged Borg drones to fight against the Collective.
    learn the identities of crewmembers wanting to take over the ship.
    help train Starfleet security officers in the event of mutiny by the ship’s Maquis crew.
    win the crew challenge as to who could write the best holo-program.

  17. In “Hunters,” Tuvok’s wife sent him a message that
  18. his youngest daughter had died.
    she had moved to Earth.
    he had become a grandfather.
    she was leaving him for another man.

  19. In the alternate reality from “Year of Hell,” what injury did Tuvok permanently suffer from?
    He lost his hearing.
    He lost his sight.
    He lost his right arm.
    He lost his memory.

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