Seven of Nine

  1. What is Seven of Nine’s real name?
  2. Marie Kaplan
    Annika Hansen
    Lyndsay Ballard
    Susan Nicoletti

  3. What was the name of her parents’ ship?
  4. The Raven
    The Astral Queen
    The Antares
    The Deirdre

  5. Seven was separated from the Collective and joined the Voyager crew shortly after the Borg’s war with
  6. the Krenim.
    the B’omar.
    Species 8472.
    the Hirogen.

  7. Where on Voyager was Seven’s alcove kept?
  8. Main engineering
    Cargo Bay 2
    the Astrometrics Lab
    Airponics Bay

  9. Seven was able to modify her nanoprobes to bring which crewmember back from the dead?
  10. Neelix
    B’elanna Torres
    Ahni Jetal

  11. Seven of Nine helped design the
  12. Airponics Bay
    Astrometrics Lab
    Delta Flyer
    Both the Astrometrics Lab and the Delta Flyer

  13. The Borg “One” came into being after a transporter accident merged Seven’s nanoprobes with
  14. the holoemitters on the holodeck
    the Doctor’s mobile emitter.
    the blood of an unnamed alien who had died in a plasma storm.
    Harry Kim.

  15. In “The Voyager Conspiracy,” Seven came to falsely believe that, using the Caretaker’s technology,
  16. the Federation and the Cardassians were looking to invade the Delta Quadrant.
    the Maquis were looking to attack both the Federation and the Cardassians.
    the Federation wanted Voyager to abduct a Borg drone (her), so they could analyze and dissect her back in the Alpha Quadrant.
    All of the above

  17. When Seven discovered Naomi Wildman was learning Borg species designations, she
  18. was happy that Naomi made such a gesture to understand her better.
    was surprised that a young human child was capable of remembering such details.
    felt violated Naomi would access her files without permission.
    felt her mother would not approve of it…. and she didn’t approve of it either.

  19. At the end of Star Trek: Voyager, whom was Seven dating?
  20. Tom Paris
    Harry Kim
    The Doctor

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