Kathryn Janeway

  1. Where is Kathryn Janeway from?
  2. Indiana
    North Dakota

  3. Janeway’s ancestor, Shannon O’Donnell, was involved in the construction of what Earth landmark?
  4. The Transamerica Pyramid
    McKinley Park
    The Millennium Gate
    The Golden Gate Bridge

  5. Growing up, Kathryn Janeway enjoyed what children’s holographic tales?
  6. Toby the Targ
    The Adventures of Flotter
    The Adventures of Captain Proton
    The Queen’s Gambit

  7. Janeway’s first commanding officer was
  8. Mark Jameson
    Owen Paris
    Charles Watley
    Gregory Quinn

  9. Before Voyager was sent to the Delta Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway was engaged to whom?
  10. Rudolph Ransom
    Noah Lessing
    Mark Johnson
    Paul Gordon

  11. How does Janeway drink her coffee?
  12. “Black”
    With cream
    With cream and sugar
    With a hint of nutmeg

  13. Which role did Janeway play in The Adventures of Captain Proton holonovel adventures?
  14. Constance Goodheart
    Queen Arachnia

  15. In the World War II holodeck simulation created by the Hirogen in “The Killing Game” two-parter, “Katrine” was
  16. a lounge singer
    a café owner
    a housewife
    an actress

  17. According to the sixth-season episode “Fury,” Tuvok noted that he first met Kathryn Janeway about
  18. ten years ago
    twelve years ago
    fifteen years ago
    twenty years ago

  19. In the alternate future of “Endgame,” Commander Reginald Barclay introduced Janeway to a class of cadets as the person who “wrote the book on….”
  20. “surviving the unknown”
    “the Delta Quadrant”
    “the Borg”

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