USS Enterprise, NCC-1701

  1. What class did the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, belong to?
  2. Constellation

  3. Although never featured in a canon-Star Trek episode or film, who has long been recognized as the first Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise?
  4. Ronald Tracy
    Walker Keel
    Robert April
    Adele Simmons

  5. In “The Cage,” Captain Pike’s Enterprise had approximately how many crewmembers?
  6. 150

  7. According to “Charlie X,” what was the crew complement of the Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk?
  8. 203

  9. Which of the following was one of the designers of the Enterprise?
  10. Jacques Romain
    Bjorn Bensen
    Joshua Kelly
    Larry Marvick

  11. Who designed the Enterprise’s computers?
  12. Richard Daystrom
    Elizabeth Dehner
    Theodore Wallace
    Tristan Adams

  13. The Enterprise had a total of how many science labs? (“Operation – Annihilate”)
  14. 7

  15. Which station was NOT on the Enterprise bridge?
  16. Damage Control
    Internal Security
    Gravity Control
    None of the above – all were featured

  17. What was the absolute maximum speed (using the “old” warp system) the Enterprise was able to reach but only for about 15 minutes? (“That Which Survives”)
  18. Warp 10.5
    Warp 12.2
    Warp 14.1
    Warp 16.6

  19. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, which three officers initiated the auto-destruct sequence that destroyed the ship?
  20. Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov
    Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty
    Kirk, Sulu, and Chekov
    Kirk, Scotty, and Sulu

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