The Original Series

  1. What well-known Star Trek phrase was never used in the dialogue of any of the series’ episodes?
  2. “He’s dead, Jim” 

    “Beam me up, Scotty” 

    “Live Long and Prosper” 

    None of the above 


  3. What god-like power did Gary Mitchell NOT display in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?
  4. Teleportation 

    Instantly kill himself and then come back to life seconds later 

    Shoot lightning from his hands 

    Read people’s thoughts and feelings 


  5. The Enterprise first used the slingshot effect to travel back in time in what episode?
  6. “Assignment: Earth” 

    “Return to Tomorrow” 

    “Tomorrow is Yesterday” 

    “All Our Yesterdays” 


  7. The Planet Ekos (“Patterns of Force”) was modeled after what historical Earth culture?
  8. Nazi Germany 

    The Roman Empire 

    The OK Corral 

    Chicago mobs of the 1920s 


  9. Exactly who or what did the “Children of the Sun” worship? (“Bread and Circuses”)
  10. Star 892 

    Earth’s sun, Sol 

    The sun god, Helios 

    “The Son of God” 


  11. What grain did the Federation grow on Sherman’s Planet? (“The Trouble with Tribbles”)
  12. Regrean wheat 



    Tammeron grain 


  13. What was the controversy surrounding Coridan’s admission to the Federation? (“Journey to Babel”)
  14. Coridan had not established a stable planetary government 

    The Coridanites had once tried to take over the Federation 

    There was illegal mining operations happening on Coridan 

    Coridan was located inside Klingon space 


  15. The Iotians may want “a piece of [the Federation’s] action” one day because McCoy accidentally left what in Oxmyx’s office?
  16. His phaser 

    His medical tricorder 

    His hypospray 

    His communicator 


  17. In “The Tholian Web,” which Federation starship disappeared through an interspatial rift?
  18. The Lexington 

    The Defiant 

    The Potemkin 

    The Enterprise 

  19. Which character did the away team see on the Shore Leave planet?
  20. The Black Knight 

    Kirk’s Academy rival, Finnegan 

    A giant white rabbit 

    All of the above


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