Star Trek (2009)

  1. What is the first name of Jim Kirk’s father’s father?
  2. Jim


  3. How old was Jim Kirk when he joined Starfleet at the Riverside Shipyards in Iowa?
  4. 17


  5. Why did Leonard McCoy join Starfleet?
  6. He absolutely loved space travel!
    Christopher Pike convinced him to join.
    Jim Kirk conned him into joining
    He lost everything in a divorce and had no where else to go.


  7. What ship was Uhura assigned to before she convinced Spock to allow her to serve on the Enterprise?
  8. U.S.S. Hood
    U.S.S. Centaurus
    U.S.S. Farragut
    U.S.S. Truman

  9. After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock intended to have the Enterprise rendezvous with other Starfleet vessels
  10. in the Laurentian system.
    at the Federation-Klingon border.
    at the Romulan Neutral Zone.
    at Earth.


  11. Why did Nero force Captain Pike to swallow a Centaurian slug?
  12. He wanted to kill Pike.
    The slug would wrap itself around Pike’s brain stem and release a toxin, forcing the Starfleet captain to give Nero important security codes.
    Nero thought watching a “weak” human struggling to digest the slug would amuse his crew.
    Pike was on a hunger strike, and Nero didn’t want him to starve.


  13. What planet did Spock exile Kirk to?
  14. Psi Upsilon IV
    Terra Nova
    Ceti Alpha V
    Delta Vega


  15. What topic did Spock have no comment on while talking to Kirk in the transporter room?
  16. His sense of loss over the destruction of Vulcan.
    The hatred he felt for Nero.
    Uhura’s first name.
    The way he truly felt about his mother.


  17. Which area of the Narada did Scotty think he was beaming Kirk and Spock to?
  18. The bridge
    The engine room
    The shuttlebay
    The cargo bay


  19. What is the name of Nero’s first officer?
  20. Ayel

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