1. What Vulcan musical instrument did Spock play?
  2. Piano

  3. As a child, Spock had a pet sehlat. This animal is described as a
  4. a lizard-like “kitty cat.”
    a “teddy bear” with six-inch fangs.
    a “bunny rabbit” with a loud, shrieking mating call.
    a “billy goat.”

  5. How was Spock cured from the effects of the Psi 2000 virus? (“The Naked Time”)
  6. Captain Kirk made him angry
    He was hit by a phaser blast set on stun
    Dr. McCoy gave him the antidote
    He saw that Kirk had been infected and that the captain needed his help to save the ship

  7. How did Spock signal the Enterprise about the stranded away team on Taurus II? (“The Galileo Seven”)
  8. By using a special communication frequency
    By modifying his tricorder to emit an SOS signal
    By igniting the remaining fuel in the Galileo’s engines to serve as a flare.
    By reflecting a phaser beam off enough crystal surfaces for it to be seen from space

  9. Spock was on trial in “The Menagerie” for
  10. disobeying the Prime Directive.
    kidnapping Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, hijacking the Enterprise, and traveling to Talos IV in violation of General Order 7.
    allowing a junior officer to die.
    sabotaging the Enterprise.

  11. When was the first time Spock felt happiness?
  12. While being with Leila Kalomi on Omicron Ceti III
    After finally solving an complex engineering problem
    After realizing Captain Kirk’s life had been saved.
    While going through pon farr.

  13. Whom did T’Pring select to challenge Spock in the Kal-if-fee? (“Amok Time”)
  14. Stonn

  15. What was Spock’s computer expert classification rated as? (“The Ultimate Computer”)
  16. A7
    Level 12
    Master level

  17. Why did Spock keep the picture “The Expulsion from Paradise” in his quarters? (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovery Country)
  18. It was a gift from Captain Kirk, who thought Spock should “expand his horizons.”
    It was a reminder to him that all things must end.
    He was carefully studying all the details of the artwork.
    It drove Doctor McCoy crazy.

  19. Why did Spock go to Romulus right before The Next Generation episode “Unification I”?
  20. He was a guest of the Romulan Praetor.
    He was attempting to rescue his father, Sarek, who had been kidnapped by the Romulan Tal Shiar.
    He was using “cowboy diplomacy” to help bring about Vulcan-Romulan reunification.
    Despite his years of loyal service to the Federation, he had decided to defect to the Romulan Star Empire.

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