Nyota Uhura

  1. What does Uhura’s name mean in Swahili?
  2. “Freedom”

  3. In what film did we first learn her first name?
  4. Star Trek: The Motion PIcture
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    Star Trek

  5. Uhura’s quarters were decorated with
  6. African sculptures.
    a zebra-skin bedspread.
    wall panels containing African images.
    all of the above.

  7. In both “The Man Trap” and “Balance of Terror,” besides managing Communications, Uhura was also at what station?
  8. Engineering
    Life Support

  9. Uhura sung the first version of Oh, On the Starship Enterprise to tease
  10. Captain Kirk.
    Mister Spock.
    Yeoman Rand.
    Charlie Evans.

  11. Using his god-like powers, Trelane allowed Uhura to play what musical instrument? (“The Squire of Gothos”)
  12. The guitar
    The clarinet
    The violin
    The harpsichord

  13. In “The Changeling,” the space probe Nomad wiped Uhura’s memory when she was singing
  14. Ooby Dooby.
    Oh My Darling Clementine.
    Beyond Antares.
    They Can’t Take That Away from Me.

  15. Which mirror crew member pursued Uhura in “Mirror, Mirror”?
  16. Sulu

  17. In “The Trouble with Tribbles,” Uhura goes shopping with whom?
  18. Spock

  19. In the opening of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Uhura hoped there was a good reason for her being at the “top-brass” meeting because
  20. it took place during the middle of the night.
    she wasn’t very fond of being around Admiral Cartwright.
    she was supposed to be on shore leave.
    she was supposed to be chairing a seminar at Starfleet Academy.

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