Leonard H. McCoy

  1. Out of all the technology of the 23rd century, McCoy apparently liked what the least?
  2. Phasers
    Environmental suits

  3. Leonard McCoy was attending what university when he met Emony Dax? (“Trials and Tribble-ations”)
  4. Princeton University
    University of Mississippi
    Stanford University
    University of Texas

  5. What was Nancy Crater’s nickname for her former sweetheart, Leonard? (“The Man Trap”)
  6. “Bones”

  7. After McCoy had been “killed” by the Black Knight on the Shore Leave planet, he later returns with
  8. two cabaret chorus girls he had met on Rigel II.
    a dress for Yeoman Tonia Barrows.
    a bottle of Saurian brandy.
    the planet’s Caretaker.

  9. In the “City of the Edge of Forever,” McCoy accidentally injected himself with
  10. Lexorin.

  11. McCoy was smiling at the end of “Journey to Babel” because
  12. he had tricked Spock in doing something illogical.
    he finally got the last word.
    he had saved Kirk’s life.
    he knew something Spock didn’t.

  13. Why did McCoy name the mute empath found on the planet Minara “Gem”? (“The Empath”)
  14. He thought she was very pretty
    Her clothes were laced with diamonds
    The image she placed in his mind when he saw her was of a gem and McCoy gathered this was her name
    He considered it better than “Hey, you.”

  15. What did McCoy give Kirk for his birthday in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?
  16. An antique copy of A Tale of Two Cities
    Romulan ale
    Romulan ale and eyeglasses

  17. What was the “secret ingredient” for the McCoy family’s Southern baked beans? (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)
  18. Tennessee whiskey
    Black pepper
    Cayenne pepper

  19. According to the Starfleet records Data quotes, how old was Admiral McCoy in “Encounter at Farpoint”?
  20. 120

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