Hikaru Sulu

  1. Where was Sulu born?
  2. Tokyo, Japan
    Hong Kong, China
    Washington, D.C.
    San Francisco, California

  3. In which film did we first learn Sulu’s first name?
  4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    Star Trek.

  5. Which Enterprise crewmember was Sulu’s closest friend?
  6. Spock

  7. In “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” Sulu held what position?
  8. Physicist
    Chief of Security

  9. While under the influence of the Psi 2000 virus in “The Naked Time,” Sulu imagined he was
  10. Peter Pan.

  11. What did Sulu find lying on the ground on the Shore Leave planet?
  12. a fencing foil
    the Black Knight’s helmet
    a model airplane
    a .38 “Police Special”

  13. The helmsman of the Enterprise-B, Demora Sulu, is Hikaru’s
  14. daughter.

  15. In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Sulu had trouble flying the captured Klingon Bird of Prey after flying what 20th century Earth vehicle?
  16. a Lockheed L-10 Electra
    a Huey 204
    a P-51 Mustang
    a Douglas DC-3

  17. At the beginning of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Sulu noted he had been Captain of the Excelsior for how long?
  18. 2 weeks
    6 months
    3 years
    5 years

  19. In “Flashback,” while attempting to enter Klingon Space, Sulu ordered the Excelsior into the
    Azure Nebula.
    Omarion Nebula.
    Cat’s Eye Nebula.
    Mutara Nebula.

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