1. What was the name of Worf’s father?
  2. Kang

  3. How did Worf come to be raised by humans?
  4. After the attack on Khitomer killed his parents, Worf was rescued by a Starfleet officer and went to live with him.
    After escaping a Romulan prison planet, he headed for Federation space and was adopted.
    His was dishonored and forced to leave the Empire.
    As a young child, he became a Klingon “sleeper agent” and was sent to Earth.

  5. As a fifteen-year-old boy, Worf saw a vision of the legendary Kahless the Unforgettable who told him
  6. he would one day become a great warrior.
    he would one day find the missing Sword of Kahless.
    he would eventually become the Klingon Chancellor.
    he would do something no Klingon had ever done before.

  7. In Star Trek: Generations, Worf was promoted to the rank of
  8. Lieutenant.
    Lieutenant Commander.

  9. What human beverage did Worf consider to be “a warrior’s drink”?
  10. Hot chocolate
    Root beer.
    Prune juice.
    Irish coffee.

  11. Who was Worf’s wife?
  12. K’Ehleyr
    Jadzia Dax
    Deanna Troi
    Tasha Yar

  13. Worf assisted in the birth of
  14. Molly O’Brien.
    Kirayoshi O’Brien.
    Alexander Rozhenko.
    Jeremy Aster.

  15. Aboard the Enterprise-D, Worf taught classes in
  16. Anbo-jyutsu.

  17. In “Ethics,” how was Worf’s back broken?
  18. He fell off a balcony.
    An explosion knocked him into some heavy machinery.
    He was accidentally shot in the back during a training exercise.
    A heavy cargo container fell on him.

  19. What was Worf’s official position aboard Deep Space Nine?
    Executive Officer
    Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Tactical Officer
    Chief of Security

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