William T. Riker

  1. What is Will Riker’s middle name?
  2. Timothy





  3. Where was he born?
  4. Alaska



    South Carolina


  5. According to “Death Wish” [VGR], Riker’s ancestor Thaddius served in which American war?
  6. The American Revolution

    The Civil War

    The Spanish-American War

    The Vietnam War


  7. “Ensign Babyface” was Riker’s nickname while serving on
  8. Betazed

    The Potemkin

    The Hood

    The Pegasus

  9. Where did Will first meet Deanna Troi?
  10. Starfleet Academy

    The USS Potemkin




  11. The first ship Riker was offered command of was the
  12. U.S.S. Drake

    U.S.S. Melbourne

    U.S.S. Cairo

    U.S.S. Titan

  13. According to “Second Chances,” what song did Riker have troubling playing on his trombone?
  14. It’s Only a Paper Moon

    Here’s to the Losers


    Moon River

  15. What ultimately convinced Captain Picard to choose Riker as his XO?
  16. He risked his life to save his ship

    He refused to allow his CO to beam down into a hostile area

    He supported his CO in every single decision he made

    He had excellent Starfleet Academy test scores


  17. What was the name of the holodeck character Riker fell in love with? (“11001001”)
  18. Carmen





  19. In “Cause and Effect,” Doctor Crusher joked she knew when Will was bluffing at poker when he
  20. raised his left eyebrow.

    casually stroked his beard.

    silently tapped his fingers on the table.

    held his breath for a few seconds.

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