Geordi La Forge

  1. Geordi’s mother was captain of the
  2. U.S.S. Hera
    U.S.S. Phoenix
    U.S.S. Noble
    U.S.S. Valley Forge

  3. How old was Geordi when he received his first VISOR?
  4. 3

  5. The high school Geordi attended was named after which famous engineer?
  6. Zefram Cochrane
    Montgomery Scott
    Charles Tucker
    Richard Daystrom

  7. When Picard first met Geordi LaForge, he made an off-hand remark about a shuttle’s engine efficiency. As a result, LaForge stayed up the entire night cleaning the shuttle’s
  8. antimatter relay.
    warp coils.
    power transfer conduit.
    fusion initiators .

  9. In what episode did we learn LaForge became the Enterprise-D’s Chief Engineer?
  10. “11001001”
    “Home Soil”
    “The Child”

  11. When the Enterprise was caught in the Menthar booby trap, Geordi used a holographic representation of whom to help him figure out a way to get the ship free?
  12. Albert Einstein
    Leah Brahms
    Carl Sagan
    Magnus Hansen

  13. What gift was Geordi preparing to give his former captain in “Elementary, Dear Data”?
  14. A model of the HMS Victory he constructed
    A Klingon d’k tagh
    A collection of holodeck programs
    A replica of the Enterprise’s captain’s chair

  15. In “The Mind’s Eye,” the Romulans kidnapped Geordi and brainwashed him to assassinate
  16. Captain Picard.
    Klingon Governor Vagh.
    Klingon Ambassador Kell
    Chief O’Brien

  17. In an alternate future, LaForge is captain of which starship? (“Timeless”)
  18. U.S.S. Victory
    U.S.S. Excelsior
    U.S.S. Challenger
    U.S.S. Rhode Island

  19. Which Enterprise crewmember has Geordi served with the longest?

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