1. Who was Data’s creator?
  2. Arik Soong
    Noonien Soong
    Ira Graves
    Paul Stubbs

  3. Data was found on the Omicron Theta Colony and activated by the crew of what Starfleet vessel?
  4. U.S.S. Tripoli
    U.S.S. Trieste
    U.S.S. Enterprise-C
    U.S.S. Enterprise-D

  5. Data could play the
  6. violin
    acoustic guitar
    All of the above

  7. Out of the following, who can NOT be considered one of Data’s “siblings”?
  8. B-4
    Juliana Soong

  9. What was Riker’s nickname for Data in “Encounter at Farpoint”?
  10. “Tin Man”
    “Mister Amazing”
    None of the above. Riker never gave Data a nickname.

  11. According to Captain Phillipa Louvois, what was the “basic issue” behind Data’s hearing in “The Measure of a Man”?
  12. “Can an android make a good parent?”
    “Does Data have the right to be legally married to another?”
    “Does Data have a soul?”
    “Can Data – being unique and not having feelings – effectively command others?”

  13. What was Q’s gift to Data after the latter had his powers returned in “Deja Q”?
  14. He repaired him after a Calamarain attack.
    He made him laugh.
    He made him human
    He helped the Enterprise complete its mission to restore the orbit of Bre’el IV’s moon.

  15. In “Schisms,” Data recited an ode he had written to
  16. the Enterprise-D
    Captain Picard
    the Amargosa Diaspora

  17. What was the ship Data briefly commanded in “Redemption II”?
  18. U.S.S. Excalibur
    U.S.S. Constellation
    U.S.S. Phoenix
    U.S.S. Sutherland

  19. After Data’s death in Star Trek: Nemesis, Captain Picard and his senior staff honored their fallen comrade with what toast? (Hint: it was the same toast Kirk gave for Spock in Star Trek III).
  20. “To our honored dead.”
    “To absent friends.”
    “To the most… human of us all.”
    Picard says nothing. He just lifts the glass.

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