Beverly Crusher

  1. What is Beverly’s maiden name?
  2. Powell

  3. Where was she born?
  4. Indianapolis, Indiana
    Omaha, Nebraska
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Copernicus City, Luna

  5. Who introduced Beverly to Jack Crusher?
  6. Jean Luc Picard
    Walter Keel
    Tom Norris
    Dixon Hill

  7. How did Jack propose to her?
  8. Through a series of secret subspace messages.
    By giving her a gag gift: a book entitled How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage.
    The traditional way: down on one knee.
    He didn’t. She proposed to him.

  9. In 2365 (Star Trek: the Next Generation Season 2), Dr. Crusher left the Enterprise to
  10. head Starfleet Medical.
    be a professor at the Starfleet Academy College of Medicine.
    be involved with the medical research team at Delos IV.
    take care of her sick grandmother.

  11. Both “Chain of Command, Part I” and “Attached” reveal that Dr. Crusher had a fear of
  12. spiders.

  13. Crusher interned with what doctor in the early 2350s (as featured in the episode “Remember Me”)?
  14. Adele Simmons
    Thomas Leighton
    Dalen Quaice
    Maddy Calloway

  15. According to the episodes “A Fistful of Datas” and “Frame of Mind,” Beverly wrote
  16. stage plays.
    short stories.

  17. In “Data’s Day,” it was revealed that Dr. Crusher had once acquired a nickname, much to her embarrassment. This nickname was
  18. “Old Sneezy.”
    “Little Miss Sunshine.”
    “Spoon Head.”
    “The Dancing Doctor.”

  19. In the alternate future presented in “All Good Things…,” what was the name of the ship Beverly was captain of?
    U.S.S. Ariel
    U.S.S. Olympia
    U.S.S. Pasteur
    U.S.S. Intrepid

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