“Trip” Tucker

  1. Why is Charles Tucker III nicknamed “Trip”?
  2. He had trouble keeping his balance when he was a child.
    He was born while the family was on vacation.
    As a child, he claimed he went on various journeys that, in fact, only happened in his imagination.
    He was the third – the “triple”

  3. What is the name of Trip’s sister who was killed in the Xindi attack?
  4. Samantha

  5. Where did Trip live while growing up?
  6. Panama City, Florida
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  7. According to Trip, the greatest horror film(s) ever made is/are?
  8. Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Son of Frankenstein
    Night of the Killer Androids
    Orgy of the Walking Dead and Bride of the Corpse
    Rosemary’s Baby

  9. When he first met Jonathan Archer, Tucker held the rank of
  10. Ensign.
    Lieutenant Commander.

  11. Who did Trip become friends with after being stranded in a shuttlepod for several days?
  12. Travis Mayweather
    Hoshi Sato
    Malcolm Reed

  13. In “Singularity,” Tucker became obsessed with repairing
  14. the Turbolift.
    Chef’s stove.
    the Navigational Deflector.
    the Captain’s Chair.

  15. What body part of Trip’s became cloaked after a mishap in “The Communicator”?
  16. His right leg
    His left leg
    His right forearm
    His left forearm

  17. When Tucker was severely injured, Dr. Phlox created Trip’s clone (“Sim”) to harvest what for Trip?
  18. A heart
    Brain tissue
    Bone marrow

  19. Why did Trip briefly transfer to the U.S.S. Columbia?
  20. He was in love with T’Pol and that interfered with his work on Enterprise
    Captain Erika Hernandez desperately needed a first officer
    Starfleet Command ordered him to because of his engineering expertise
    Tucker wanted to serve on a ship that was technology-superior to Enterprise

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