1. What was the name of T’Pol’s mother?
  2. T’Lar

  3. After being forced to participate in a mind meld with Tolaris in “Fusion”, T’Pol later suffered from
  4. Irumodic Syndrome.
    Shalaft’s Syndrome.
    Pa’nar Syndrome.
    Dysphoria Syndrome.

  5. Who cured her of that disease in 2154?
  6. Doctor Phlox
    Doctor Jeremy Lucas
    No one. The disease left her body naturally.

  7. How long was T’Pol’s originally planned to be on Enterprise before Captain Archer convinced her to stay longer? (“Broken Bow,” “Shadows of P’Jem”)
  8. four days
    eight days
    ten days
    two weeks

  9. When did T’Pol join the Terran Starfleet?
  10. When she first came aboard Enterprise (“Broken Bow”).
    Right before Enterprise’s mission to find the Xindi (“The Expanse”).
    Right after Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar agreed to an alliance (“United”).
    Never. T’Pol remained a member of the Vulcan Starfleet.

  11. In “Breaking the Ice,” T’Pol receives a transmission from a nearby Vulcan ship containing
  12. an SOS call.
    orders from the Vulcan High Command to have T’Pol reassigned.
    a request for T’Pol to return to Vulcan so she could fulfill her marriage vows.
    plans for the Vulcans to sabotage Enterprise so it could end its mission and return to Earth.

  13. During the opening scene of “Fallen Hero,” what rather blunt question did T’Pol ask Archer and Tucker while having dinner in the Captain’s mess? (HINT: This scene served as an intro to the episode “Two Days and Two Nights”).
  14. A question about their religious beliefs.
    A question about their military experience.
    A question about their sex life.
    A question about their education.

  15. What item did T’Pol retrieve in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, that once belonged to her 20th century ancestor T’Mir?
  16. T’Mir IDIC necklace, an important family heirloom
    Components from the crashed Vulcan ship
    T’Mir’s log entries
    T’Mir’s handbag she used while undercover on Earth

  17. While in the Delphic Expanse, T’Pol become addicted to what substance that allowed her to experience emotions?
  18. Trellium-D
    Rhodium nitrite
    Sporocystian toxin

  19. In “E²,” whom did the elder T’Pol recommend to her present-day counterpart in helping her to deal with those emotions?
  20. Jonathan Archer
    “Trip” Tucker
    Hoshi Sato

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