1. Phlox has a total of how many wives?
  2. 2

  3. How did Phlox meet his colleague, Dr. Jeremy Lucas?
  4. Both were members of the Interspecies Medical Exchange Program.
    Both served on Cold Station 12
    They were classmates in medical school
    Lucas was once a guest lecturer on Denobula

  5. Phlox kept animals in his sickbay that includes a
  6. Altarian marsupial.
    Regulan bloodworm.
    Osmotic eel
    All of the above.

  7. Which of the following scientific degrees does Phlox NOT have?
  8. Veterinary medicine
    Organic chemistry
    Quantum physics

  9. Phlox’s youngest son, Mettus, held a racist view against what species?
  10. Humans

  11. Jonathan Archer first met Phlox when he was treating
  12. Klaang.
    Admiral Forrest.
    Ambassador Soval.

  13. By the episode “Damage,” Phlox had been a doctor for how many years?
  14. 10 years.
    20 years.
    35 years.
    40 years.

  15. What did Phlox like best about humans?
  16. Their sense of humor
    Their charming optimism
    Their anatomical complexities
    Their ability to laugh in the face of danger

  17. In “Doctor’s Orders,” with the rest of the crew placed in stasis, who “helped” Phlox keep Enterprise operational? (This person later turned out to be a hallucination).
  18. Trip Tucker
    Travis Mayweahter
    Hoshi Sato

  19. In “Judgment,” Phlox was able to visit Captain Archer in the Klingon prison after
  20. telling the Klingons Archer had a contagious disease.
    bribing a Klingon governor.
    disabling the defense grid.
    disguising himself as a Klingon guard.

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