Malcolm Reed

  1. What was Reed’s favorite food? (“Silent Enemy”)
  2. Pineapple Oatmeal Bananas Apple Pie

  3. Why did Malcolm join Starfleet instead of the seafaring Royal Navy like most of his family did?
  4. He flunked out of the Naval Academy. He was more interested in space travel than sea travel. He was aquaphobic. He was so angry with his family that he didn’t want anything to do with them.

  5. According to “Observer Effect,” Malcolm Reed was Enterprise’s ship champion in
  6. Basketball Chess Table tennis Karate

  7. As an Eagle scout, he had a total of how many merit badges? (“Rogue Planet”)
  8. 14 20 23 28

  9. Malcolm was allergic to
  10. Bromelin Oak pollen Dust mites All of the above

  11. What was the name of his Section 31 contact?
  12. Ruby Daniels Harris Stuart

  13. In “Minefield,” Lt. Reed was uncomfortable eating in the Captain’s Mess because
  14. he believed he it was improper for him to fraternize with his superior officers. he didn’t finish all his work from the day before. he had a crush on T’Pol. he promised Phlox he would eat dinner in the Mess Hall with him.

  15. What was Reed’s chief complaint in “Singularity”?
  16. The ship’s targeting scanners were not properly aligned. It took too long for the ship to be tactically-ready in a crisis. Too many crewmembers had not been properly trained in hand-to-hand combat. Too many crewmembers had not been properly trained in phase pistol safety.

  17. Lt. Reed initially didn’t like Major Hayes because
  18. he thought Hayes was there to undermine his authority on security matters. Hayes was too careless on away missions. Hayes was too inexperienced. Hayes showed no respect for the chain of command.

  19. Reed helped developed what technology onboard Enterprise?
  20. Workable Phase Cannons A stable EM barrier, a “force field” A ship-wide Tactical Alert to improve ship readiness All of the above

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