1. What is the name of Quark’s father?
  2. Ishka

  3. On his brother’s naming day, Quark exchanged Rom’s presents with
  4. better presents.
    “Marauder Mo” action figures.
    gold-pressed latinum.
    old vegetables.

  5. Early in life, Quark declined entering into the arms market with his cousin Gaila because
  6. Quark felt being an arms dealer would be too impersonal of a profession.
    Gaila tried to kill him.
    Gaila wanted 75% of all the profits, leaving Quark with only 25%.
    Gaila didn’t have the lobes for business.

  7. While serving as a cook aboard a Ferengi freighter, Quark carried a disruptor pistol because
  8. “Orion pirates occasionally stopped by for a little visit, and they were never too friendly.”
    “I had to use something to warm up the food.”
    “every member of the freighter’s crew thought himself a food critic.”
    “I liked that particular disruptor, but so did everyone else.”

  9. What position did Commander Sisko offer Quark in “Emissary”?
  10. Community leader
    Chief Financial Officer
    Grand Proxy
    Grand Nagus

  11. What did Quark do that ended his relationship with Natima Lang during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor? (“Profit and Loss”)
  12. Lied to her about a Bajoran’s assassin’s alibi.
    Used her access codes to steal money from the Cardassians.
    Yelled at her for giving away free food.
    Refused to tell the truth and defend a Bajoran falsely accused of murder.

  13. Whom did Odo claim to be a more devious a Ferengi than Quark? (“Civil Defense”)
  14. His cousin, Gaila
    His brother, Rom
    Grand Nagus Zek
    All of the above

  15. Who did Quark marry (briefly) in “The House of Quark”?
  16. Miral

  17. What did Quark name the shuttle that Gaila gave him? (“Little Green Men”)
  18. The Latinum
    Quark’s Treasure
    The Seventy-Fifth rule
    Dabo Queen

  19. When Quark thought he was dying in “Body Parts,” in keeping with Ferengi custom, he auctioned off what were to be his remains. Who turned out to be the highest bidder?

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