1. After being found in the Bajoran system, Odo was taken to the Bajoran Institute of Science to be studied by
  2. Ma’Bor Jetrel
    Mora Pol
    Surmak Ren
    Crell Moset

  3. Odo’ital – the Cardassian word where Odo’s name is derived from – literally means
  4. “Changeling”
    “Unknown sample”

  5. During the Cardassian’s occupation of Bajor, the Cardassians particularly enjoyed a certain trick Odo did involving his
  6. pinky.

  7. In “A Man Alone,” who ironically claimed to be the closest thing Odo had to a friend?
  8. Sisko.

  9. Odo claimed he valued what above everything else?
  10. Justice
    Irritating Quark

  11. Garak learned Odo had left something out in his report to Starfleet Command about the Founders. This was
  12. the location of the Founder’s Homeworld.
    that the Founders had already infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant.
    how to locate and identify undercover Changelings.
    that Odo had desires to return to the Great Link.

  13. After being tried for killing another Changeling, the Founders punished Odo by
  14. placing him in Internment Camp 371.
    forcing him to stay with the Great Link.
    turning him into a “solid.”
    forcing him to mate.

  15. In “The Muse,” why did Odo marry Lwaxana Troi?
  16. So she could keep her child.
    He felt he would be lonely for the rest of his life if he didn’t.
    It was a part of an undercover operation.
    He was “drugged” by Quark.

  17. Who loaned Odo detective novels written by Mickey Spillane?
  18. Worf
    Miles O’Brien
    Julian Bashir
    Benjamin Sisko

  19. Who was with Odo when he returned to the Great Link in “What You Leave Behind”?
    No one — Odo was alone.

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