Kira Nerys

  1. Kira was born in what Bajoran providence?
  2. Kendra

  3. How old was Kira when she joined the Bajoran resistance?
  4. 10

  5. Who was the leader of her resistance cell?
  6. Shakaar Edon
    Winn Adami
    Li Nalas
    Surmak Ren

  7. In “Second Skin,” the Obsidian Order almost convinced Kira that she was a Cardassian agent named
  8. Ulani Belor.
    Ailora Rejal.
    Iliana Ghemor.
    Jil Orra.

  9. According to the ancient Bajoran caste system of the d’jarra (as mentioned in “Accession”), what should Kira’s occupation be?
  10. Musician
    Religious leader

  11. In “Return to Grace,” what did Kira say Dukat wanted from her?
  12. Forgiveness
    Her help in fighting the Klingons
    Her support to have a Cardassian detachment aboard DS9
    A date

  13. Kira carried the child of
  14. Julian Bashir.
    Shakaar Edon.
    Bareil Antos.
    Miles and Keiko O’Brien.

  15. How did Kira first find out about Odo’s love for her?
  16. Jadzia Dax told her
    Odo kissed her on the Promenade.
    An Odo that was misplaced two hundred years in the past lived to tell her.
    Vic Fontaine told her.

  17. What incident ultimately convinced Kira to oppose the Dominion-Cardassian Occupation? (“Rocks and Shoals”)
  18. The Dominion decision to send 400 “facilitators” to Bajor.
    Rom’s arrest for sabotage and his sentence to death.
    Vedek Yassim’s accusation that she was a collaborator.
    Vedek Yassim’s suicide on the Promenade.

  19. Kira became a Starfleet Commander in “When It Rains…”
  20. after Sisko joined the Prophets leaving her in command of DS9.
    to gain the trust of the Cardassian Resistance in opposing the Dominion.
    in opposition to Kai Winn taking over the Bajoran government.
    when Bajor joined the Federation.

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