Julian Bashir

  1. What did Julian’s parents call him?
  2. Julius

  3. Julian’s middle name was
  4. Subatoi
    Unknown. It was not given in the series.

  5. What convinced him to become a doctor?
  6. During the Cardassian War, he saw several people die because he didn’t know how to save them.
    He found out a woman he wanted to impress really liked doctors.
    When he was 10, a girl got sick and died after no one knew a nearby herb could have saved her.
    He knew it would please his parents.

  7. What was his “first surgery”?
  8. His teddy bear, Kukalaka.
    His Marauder Mo action figure.
    His Toby the Tag stuffed animal.
    His Flotter doll.

  9. While in Starfleet Medical Academy, Bashir
  10. was captain of the racquetball team.
    developed a candy bar with better food value than Starfleet field rations.
    took engineering extension classes focusing on starship operations.
    All of the above.

  11. Bashir graduated
  12. valedictorian (top of his class).
    salutatorian (second in his class).
    fourth in his class.
    ninth in his class.

  13. Bashir was the youngest nominee for the
  14. Nobel Prize.
    Zee-Magness Prize.
    Starfleet Silver Palm.
    Carrington Award.

  15. Dr. Bashir occasionally ate lunch with
  16. O’Brien

  17. What dark secret of Bashir’s was publicly revealed in “Doctor Bashir, I Presume?”
  18. That he cheated on his Starfleet Academy entrance exam.
    That early in his career one of his patients died due to his own negligence.
    That he smuggled medicines to the Maquis.
    That he was illegally genetically engineered as a child.

  19. Bashir first Section 31 assignment was on
  20. Casperia Prime.

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