Deep Space Nine

  1. What was space station Deep Space Nine called under Cardassian rule?
  2. Empok Nor
    Sentok Nor
    Litvok Nor
    Terok Nor

  3. DS9 was originally constructed as
  4. a repair facility
    an observatory outpost
    a mining station
    a military outpost

  5. What are the large, sweeping “arms” – three on the dorsal section, three on the ventral – called?
  6. Docking ports
    Docking pylons
    Shield generators
    Photon torpedo launchers

  7. Before it was located at the mouth of the wormhole, DS9 was located
  8. in the Badlands
    in the Idran system
    in orbit of Cardassia Prime
    in orbit of Bajor

  9. What is the maximum number of people Deep Space Nine can hold?
  10. 1,200

  11. The design of the Operations Center has the Commander’s Office elevated from the main floor because
  12. Cardassian culture calls for all subordinates to literally look up to their leaders.
    the initial designer wanted something different from all the other Cardassian stations.
    that’s the way Gul Dukat wanted it.
    of an accident. The designers forgot to make a Commander’s Office, but they realized they had an extra room so they put it there.

  13. The Defiant typically docks
  14. on a landing pad.
    at a docking port.
    at a docking pylon.
    inside a shuttlebay.

  15. What is NOT located on the Promenade?
  16. The Bajoran Temple
    The Infirmary
    Station Security
    Storage bays

  17. Quark’s Bar covers how many levels?
  18. 1

  19. Which of the following governments had a sanctioned presence on DS9 under Federation/Bajoran control?
  20. The Klingon Empire
    The Romulan Star Empire
    The Cardassian Union
    Both a and b

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