Benjamin Sisko

  1. What is Benjamin Sisko’s middle name?
  2. Lafayette

  3. Where was he born?
  4. Chicago, Illinois
    Jacksonville, Florida
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Jackson, Mississippi

  5. Where did Ben meet his first wife, Jennifer?
  6. Jackson Square
    Gilgo Beach
    Pearl Harbor
    Cape Kennedy

  7. What was the name of Benjamin Sisko’s mentor?
  8. Solok
    Jean Luc Picard
    Curzon Dax

  9. What was the name of the twenty-thousand-year-old lost city that Sisko rediscovered in “Rapture”?
  10. Jalanda City

  11. What object, left behind by the captain in “Call to Arms,” told Gul Dukat of Sisko’s plan to return to DS9?
  12. A picture of Ben with his son, Jake.
    Sisko’s baseball
    Sisko’s communicator
    Sisko’s favorite holo-program

  13. Who is Benny Russell?
  14. An old friend of the Sisko family that Ben always admired
    Sisko’s first commanding officer
    A 1950s science fiction writer – Sisko’s own identity in his visions from the Prophets
    Ben Sisko’s uncle whom he’s named after

  15. Who introduced Benjamin Sisko to his second wife, Kassidy Yates?
  16. Quark
    Jadzia Dax
    Miles O’Brien
    Jake Sisko

  17. According to Nog, what is Sisko’s favorite drink?
  18. Saurian brandy
    Kava Juice

  19. Where did Sisko finally defeat the Pah Wraiths and Gul Dukat?
  20. At Cardassia Prime
    In the Fire Caves of Bajor
    At the Bajoran Temple on Deep Space Nine
    Inside the wormhole

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