1. In a Cardassian trial, the accused
  2. is innocent until proven guilty.
    is guilty until proved innocent.
    is already deemed guilty. The trial is mainly for show in getting the accused to admit his or her
    is not allowed to attend their own trial.

  3. What is the name of the Cardassian civilian government?
  4. The Detapa Council
    The Central Command
    The Obsidian Order
    None of the above – Cardassia has no civilian government.

  5. At what age do Cardassians give their first molar to the State?
  6. 5

  7. In the Cardassian military, what is the rank equivalent to Captain in the Federation Starfleet?
  8. Nestor

  9. What Federation colony did the Cardassians attack in 2347 after they falsely believed it was a staging ground for an invasion?
  10. Minos Korva
    Dorvan V
    Camor V
    Setlik III

  11. What is the name of the tradition where a dying Cardassian tells his family members closely guarded secrets to be used his or her enemies?
  12. Shri-tal

  13. What was the name of the Intelligence organization that replaced the Obsidian Order after the latter was destroyed by the Dominion? (“Rocks and Shoals” [DS9])
  14. The Cardassian Intelligence Authority
    The Cardassian Intelligence Bureau
    The Cardassian Security Division
    The True Way

  15. Cardassians
  16. have acute hearing.
    are highly resistance to cobalt diselenide.
    are unable to reproduce with non-Cardassians.
    have photographic memories

  17. After being a very religious and spiritual society, the Cardassians gave up such beliefs and became totally loyal to the State after
  18. scientific data proved their religion to be false.
    religious leaders conspired to take over the Cardassian government.
    plagues and famines ravished their homeworld.
    the “gods” tried to destroy Cardassia.

  19. What was the total number of Cardassians killed by the Dominion in the final days of the Dominion War?
  20. 50 million
    125 million
    650 million
    800 million

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