1. The Borg are from the
  2. Alpha Quadrant.
    Beta Quadrant.
    Delta Quadrant.
    Gamma Quadrant.

  3. What is the name of the device that keeps a Borg drone connected to the hive mind?
  4. Data node
    Neural transceiver
    Interlink node
    Cortical node

  5. How can a Borg’s link to the Collective be severed?
  6. By the will of the Borg Queen
    By physical damage to the drone
    By dampening fields
    All of the above

  7. Where did the Enterprise-D first meet the Borg?
  8. In System J-25
    In the Epsilon Star system
    In the Cygnet system
    In the Psi Upsilon system

  9. In Star Trek: First Contact, what did Captain Picard order his security detail to do when encountering assimilated crewmembers?
  10. “Don’t hesitate to fire.”
    “Try and stun them. We might be able to free them later.”
    “Try and reason with them.”
    “Inject them with a hypospray filled with Omicorn particles. That should reverse the assimilation process.”

  11. According to “Unimatrix Zero,” where is the Borg Queen’s home?
  12. “The Master Cube”
    Borg Prime
    The Unicomplex
    Unimatrix Zero

  13. What is the Borg’s designation for the Omega molecule? (“The Omega Directive”)
  14. The Tetryon particle
    The Dekyon particle
    Particle 010

  15. Which of the following species has an immune system that delays the effects of Borg nanoprobes?
  16. Tarkaleans

  17. Who were the exobiologists that left Federation space to find and study the Borg in the mid-24th century?
  18. Magnus and Erin Hansen
    David and Carol Marcus
    Nancy and Robert Crater
    Emory and Danica Erickson

  19. In Star Trek: First Contact, what were the Borg trying to create on top of the Enterprise-E’s deflector dish?
  20. A neural interlink to help the Collective control all of the drones on the ship.
    A transwarp coil that would have allowed the ship to travel vast distances.
    An interplexing beacon to contact the Borg living in the 21st century.
    A temporal transmitter to reestablish contact with the Borg in the 24th century.

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