Is it February 27, 2015 yet?  I instanpensacontly went from “Preparing for Pensacon 2014″ to “Experiencing Pensacon 2014” to “Dreaming of Pensacon 2015.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a week since the convention.  I had intended to write this blog early as I get back into the swing of things.  But just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, haven’t caught the news, haven’t been seeing billboards around Pensacola, haven’t been keeping up with fandom, etc., Pensacon is the newest convention to hit Northwest Florida.  

And hit it did!  With over 80 special guests and 17,000 fans in attendance, it turned out to be a huge success!  Mike Ensley and his team pulled this off with a good amount of grace that made it look like running a con of this magnitude easy.  And considering this is only Pensacon’s first year, that’s no small feat!  The con was so well run that it was enjoyed by fans, guests, and local businesses alike.

Check out this video from Fox 10 News, featuring a few USS Continuum members:

Hopefully, this is the kick in the pants Pensacola needs to build a bigger and better convention center…  Or more hotels nearby…

You see, when a con’s successful like Pensacon was this last year, it tends to grow — more fans want to show up, bigger celebrities get interested.  And therein lies the problem: where do you put all these people?  Most of the people that attended this year were locals, but now that we’ve all had a taste, that may not stay the same next year.  There are hotels nearby, but none of them are not in walking distance from the Bay Center.

The smart people will get their tickets for 2015 as early as possible. 🙂  I know the Continuum will be there.  Because Pensacon was loads of fun!

Many thanks to Peggy Moshell, Connie Fleming, Peter Arce, Mark Wright, Luci Smith, Lauren Schraer, Lorrie Wilkinson, and Christina Tuttle for helping me man our recruiting table.

Thanks to Zachary Joyner for helping with the setup.

Thanks to Luci Smith for the donation of the camera and film printer.

Thanks to Mark Wright for updating the Captain’s Chair.  (It’s electronic now, folks!  You hit the buttons, lights come on and sounds effects are played. 🙂  Mark certainly exceeded our expectations with this one).

Pictures coming soon!


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