Yard Sale
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The U.S.S. Continuum is holding a yard sale this Saturday, Feburary the 20th!
This fund raising event will run from 7am to 2pm.

Location: 7748 Folkstone Dr Pensacola, FL 32514-6611

It's A Record
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From TrekMovie.com

Today in London, Namco Bandai organized a world record attempt at the largest gathering of people in Star Trek costumes. The stunt was done to promote Star Trek Online in Europe and according to the people at Guinness, they set the record.London gathering sets fan costume record

Report and photos from Daniel Lewis

The costume gathering stunt was conducted at 1PM on Sunday at the Millennium Bridge in London.

This is the first time Guinness World Records have ever been called upon to adjudicate such an event and judges were ably assisted by Giles Aston, a Star Trek aficionado and professional ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ impersonator in determining the authenticity of the participants’ cosplay attempts.

The Guinness people were on hand, and they counted a total of 99 fans (probably less than Namco was hoping for). But the adjudicators from Guinness determined it was the new world record and awarded it on the spot.

You can see all the images at http://trekmovie.com/2010/02/14/world-record-set-for-trekkies-in-costume-in-london-report-photos/

Welcome to the Bridge!
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Seeing how this is my first post to this blog, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you what it’s all about. “Captain’s Log” will be an opportunity for me, as the CO of the USS Continuum, to tell you what’s going on behind-the-scenes in our organization. It’ll be a chance for me to offer my opinion on topics relating to the ship, Region 2, STARFLEET, Star Trek, and science fiction, in general. I may even address questions and concerns by both our members and by the public, when necessary.

It’s no joke when I tell you that, as Commanding Officer, I’m busy just about every day with matters relating to the Continuum or STARFLEET. That’s not just me being a “Trek geek” who can’t put his work down. That’s me wanting this chapter to be the best: constantly moving forward, constantly growing, constantly showing the public that we really are a lot of fun and we can do some amazing things for our community.

I set out with three goals for 2010. First, I wanted us to be more active in community service. Second, I wanted us to have a greater public presence (namely for recruiting purposes). And third, I wanted us to be more involved with our parent organization, STARFLEET, and with Region 2. In doing those three, however, I don’t want us to lose sight of our being a social group; we’ll occasionally do things “just for fun.”

I’m happy to say all three of my goals are “on track.” Although we haven’t accomplished them yet, and there are probably still a million-a-one things that can take us off course, plans are already in the works to make those goals a reality. For the first goal, we’re planning to help with the Great American Cleanup, Toys for Tots, the Ronald McDonald House, FCAT tutoring, and others. For the second, we’re making plans for Yuri’s Night 2010, Festival on the Green and for local conventions. For the third, there’s the Region 2 Summit (where I’ll personally be hosting a panel on recruiting), and we’ll be making a greater emphasis on STARFLEET Academy and on the STARFLEET Individual Awards.

With all that in mind, I don’t think there’s ever been a greater time to become a member of the USS Continuum and to be involved with our organization. We’ve always been a group that’s run by our members: they’re the ones who bring up the ideas as to what we want to do and help make it happen. And from the looks of it, I feel great things are going to be happening in 2010!

The "Great American Cleanup" is coming!
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From March to May, millions of people across this nation will take a part in “The Great American Cleanup,” a program of Keep America Beautiful. Volunteers pick up trash, organize recycling drives, plant trees, and do other projects to keep this country looking great!

The Continuum will be involved with GAC in two ways:

1) We plan to be at Pensacola’s Great American Cleanup Kick-off event on March 20 at the Hawkshaw Memorial, organized by Clean & Green.

2) From March to May, we’re asking people to submit photos on how they’re cleaning up. No matter how big the group (even if it’s just a single worker)… no matter how long they spend in a day cleaning up… no matter what the location. We’re wanting pictures as to who was involved, where they were, and what they did. Send them to blsisko@yahoo.com.

We’re looking to have this site covered, showing how we’re cleaning up!

Buy Props From The Star Trek Experience
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From Trekmovie.com

In September 2008, the Trek-themed attraction Star Trek: The Experience closed at the Las Vegas Hilton, after running for a decade. Since that time CBS has been working on developing a new Star Trek: The Experience at a new location, and that work is still ongoing. However, they have decided that most of the assets from the first attraction wont be able to be used and so they are going to be sold off.

After Star Trek: The Experience closed its doors at the Las Vegas Hilton, the attraction was dismantled and much of what was savable was put into storage at a warehouse in Las Vegas, where it has remained. Since that time CBS has been working with the Neonopolis development in Downtown Las Vegas on a plan to put in a new Star Trek: The Experience at that location. According to CBS, they are still in the planning phase, but a decision has been made that most of what is in the warehouse will not be needed for any new Trek attraction. So they have decided to let the fans get a piece of what was Star Trek: The Experience. 

Read the full article here:  http://trekmovie.com/2010/02/09/cbs-to-sell-assets-from-original-star-trek-the-experience-still-working-on-creating-new-experience/

Toys For Tots
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The 643rd Dragon Wings along with the crew of the U.S.S. Continuum are working together to raise toys for the Toys For Tots program. In the two weeks after Thanksgiving of 2009 we raised a dozen toys together. We realized that if we could do that in two weeks we could do much more over a year.  Will you join us?

Our current toy count: 7