Our 20th Anniversary Celebration!
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Twenty years is truly a long time.  When I look back at in, memories soar to the front of mind.  Faces, mostly of various people, events that we held, incidents that made things memorable.  It wasn’t all good.  The Continuum has certainly had it’s share of fights and failed attempts.  But it has all been a truly amazing experience that I feel very honored to a part of.

May 2013 has proven to be a very busy month for the USS Continuum with two major happenings going on in our group.  And it has taken me this long to finally get around to write about both of them.  The first, and what I want to talk about in this blog post, was our 20th Anniversary Celebration that took place on Saturday, May 11.

The night started in typical Continuum fashion.  That is, we had a plan… and then we had problems and then had to quickly revise said plan.  The attempt was to have it McGuire’s Irish Pub, but since we couldn’t reserve a room ahead of time and because of mistake of one of the managers (NOT the manager who served as our contact that would have gotten the place to begin with), we were out of a room.  And with 27 people in our party standing outside, I decided we needed a Plan B before the night got too far along.  So we headed over to Franco’s Italian Restaurant across the street.  Fortunately for us, the staff was able to give us their back room and accommodate our crew.

From there, we had our meal, and afterwards I said a few words about our origins.  The Continuum was officially launched as a “shuttlecraft” on April 4, 1993.  We were commissioned exactly eight months later, an event we plan to celebrate this December.  Before that commissioning, we came up with a motto —  “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — something has certainly been true for our group.  In these past twenty years, we’ve stayed strong, coming up with ideas and preserving until they became a reality.  But, as I reminded the crew that night, it is not enough to believe in something.  It is a responsibility to believe the right thing.  For believing the wrong thing can truly have terrible consequences that we best avoid.

Afterwards, I handed out a few promotions for the Hughes family: Jonathan and Melissa each achieved the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade, and Daniel and Robin were awarded Cadet Lieutenant, junior grade.

I also revealed a project I had been working on for several months now: “the Continuum 20th Anniversary Mosaic.”  It took me awhile to scan various pictures from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.  But I was happy that able to able to finish it in time for the crew to see.  Like that mosaic of the Continuum logo suggests, each crewmember, each event plays an integral part of what this ship has become and what this ship will become.  This organization wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of them.

We were happy to be joined by Sandy Dolan and DJ O’Brien (USS Harry Muddformerly of the Continuum), Randolph Allen and his party (USS New Orleans) and Matt Fossa (USS Robert E. Leeand his wife Amy.

The complete collection of photos from the past twenty years, including from our 20th Anniversary Celebration, can be found here.

Many thanks to everyone who attended!

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