The Wishlists!

What does it take to make the Continuum a better organization?  I asked our members to decide and here are their ideas:
1. Have parties/Bar-B-Qs at the park
2. Beach outings
3. Gaming events
4. Movie nights – including science-fact shows, ST movies/episodes, sci-fi classics.
5. Fiction writing contests
6. Go to movies
7. Road trips
8. Have a scholarship fundraiser
9. Laser tag in uniform
10. Swing dancing
11. Festival on the Green
12. Geocashing
13. Go-carting
14. Sell popcorn, juices
15. STARFLEET Academy Workshops
16. Volunteer at Beach runs in uniforms or ship T-shirts
17. Fort Barrancas at Candlelight tour
18. Collect money or items for Assisted Living Programs
19. Manna Food collections
20. Visit other chapters
21. Focus on departments
22. Have ST cookbooks
23. Have more outdoor activities
24. Attend events that members are involved with (i.e., concerts, plays).
25. Have displays/website posts giving testimonials: What does Star Trek &/or the Continuum mean to you?  Use for recruiting purposes.
26. Be involved with school programs
27. Have, at the very minimum, one community service project per quarter.
28. Have the Continuum help pay expenses in trips: to Summit, IC, conventions, other chapters’ events, etc.
29. Resign displays.  Have a theme (social events, community service, etc.) and be clear that we’re involved with Star Trek w/ graphics, fonts, & color.  Use text to highlight our accomplishments.
30. Be more interactive with potential new members at recruiting events.
Look for these activities to be scheduled in 2012!

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