Captain’s Log Supplemental

It seems like ages since I’ve lasted posted on this website, but the USS Continuum has been nonetheless more active than ever!  There have been some important changes over these past few months, and while most of this information I’m going to share has been passed through Facebook, our Yahoo Group, and at our many events, I wanted to bring their visitors to this website up to speed as to what we’ve been doing.


Command Staff changes

On Monday, March 5, the USS Continuum lost a very dear member to us.  Kaydmaw Fass joined us back in ’90s and had served as the Chief of Security and Counselor over the years.  Just last November, she was elected as the Executive Officer.  At the time, the illness she was suffering seemed manageable, and we all thought she would serve the full two years as an excellent XO.  However, as the months went on, her condition worsened until she passed away at the age of 63.  Kaydmaw was one of our most active and most enthusiastic members.  She will be greatly missed.

Peggy Moshell, who was elected Second Officer, now serves as the Continuum’s XO.  I’ve appointed Tammie Mote to be our new Second Officer; Connie Fleming and Michelle Moore  have also agreed to serve in the recently-vacant positions of Chief Financial Officer and Counselor, respectfully.  All department head positions, however, remain open for the time being, but I hope to have those filled within the next few months.


Ops Manual update

The changes to the Continuum’s Operations Manual have been made and approved by our ship’s members.  You can view those documents here.


New ongoing events

  • Since January, members have been helping clean the Ronald McDonald House on the second Saturday of every month from 12 to 2 p.m. (This will possibly change for the month of July only as Pelicon is scheduled for that day; keep checking back to this website for more information).
  • Star Trek Heroclix are being played at Bobe’s Hobby House.  Whether it’s with Star Trek ExpeditionsStar Trek Fleet Captains, or Star Trek Tactics, we’re eager to find fellow Star Trek gamers at these free events.  Even you don’t own any of the Heroclix products or don’t know how to play, you’re more than welcome to come and learn.  We currently meet on the second Saturday of the month at 2:30 p.m.
  • We are looking to bring back our monthly social meetings but with a slight change: every month will be watching Star Trek episodes, movies, documentaries, or other related videos.  More information will be posted soon as to when and where these meetings will be.

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