Fall putt-putt tournament
Fall putt-putt tournament avatar

Peggy Moshell, winner of our March 19, 2011 putt-putt tournament.

Once again, we’re doing putt-putt, Star Trek style.

The fall tournament will be held 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 5 at Sam’s Fun City. Participants are encouraged (although not required) to wear Star Trek costumes as we play eighteen holes of putt-putt golf. The one with the best score wearing a properly worn costume will get a Collector’s Plate of “The Tholian Web.”

Even if you don’t have a costume, come out and join the fun!


The Prize! At the last tournament, the Continuum gave away "The Menagerie" (right); "The Tholian Web" (left) will be given away at our fall tournament.











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