Costume Bowl Tip #2 — “Using Mulligans”


 For the Costume Bowl, it doesn’t matter if you’re a great bowler or not. There’s still a way for you to come out on top! (Being a great bowler can even turn into a liability).

Strike MulliganTIP #2 — USING MULLIGANS

We’re all about raising as much money we can to support our two great charities — Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House! One of the fun ways we do that is by selling Mulligans. (With no overhead cost for these,100% of what sell goes to our charities).

Mulligans are primarily sold at “The Bridge” — the same area you go to check in. Prices are $5 each for “Strike” tickets, $2.50 for Gutter tickets, and $10 for “Bumper” tickets.

When you want to use a Mulligan, take it to the bowling counter, and tell them which lane, which bowler, and which frame you’d like to use it for. The score will change as if a Gutter Mulliganstrike or gutter ball was bowled, respectfully. (“Bumper” tickets, of course, bring the bumper bars up for a bowler during the game).

With Mulligans, the Costume Bowl becomes much more of a strategic game. It’s not just how well you bowl physically. It’s how well you think about the game. (This is why being a great bowler can be a liability: they’re usually #1 target.  ).

You can buy Mulligans and hold onto them for future frames or use them immediately for frames already bowled.

HINT #1 — The 2nd game is we look at for high scores and turkeys. Best to use your Mulligans then.

HINT #2 — Use non-bowlers for your team, if you can. As you concentrate on your bowling, these people can be looking at how well your team is doing AND how well other teams are doing and make recommendations. You can also ask the Cordova Lanes staff.

HINT #3 — Have a good understanding of how the scoring works. For example, strikes immediately after strikes work best for the bowler; gutters immediately after strikes work worst.

HINT #4 — Keep an eye on the scoreboard until your done! If someone plays a “Gutter” against you, you can counter with a “Strike.” The last Mulligan played for a frame is the one that counts.

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