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Our website is changing!  A new theme!  New updates!  A few pages here very possibly will be going away.  A few others might be added.  We hope that’ll be easier to keep up with all the amazing things the USS Continuum will be doing in the next few months.


Star Trek Day Celebration tonight!
Star Trek Day Celebration tonight! avatar

trek50-3Only 47 more years until the Vulcans arrive.

Star Trek Day” is tomorrow, but we’ve decided to celebrate a day early.

Typically, on the first Monday of the month, we get together for “Dinner at Ten Forward” to eat a meal together. But this year, this month we’re doing it slightly different. This is “Star Trek Day” on the 50th Anniversary, after all.

The Continuum will be at McGuire’s Irish Pub, located at 600 E Gregory St, downtown Pensacola, with our crew in uniform or other Star Trek costume.  (Most of them, anyway).  And we’re inviting you to come join us.  Uniforms or costumes are not required.  Our main goal is always to enjoy each other’s company while celebrating the great sci-fi phenomenon that brings us all together.

March 1st: Monthly Guild Meeting
March 1st: Monthly Guild Meeting avatar

On March 1st, the U.S.S. Continuum had its monthly guild meeting at the Village Inn.  This was my second monthly meeting and going off discussions after the first monthly meeting and things spoken about in between meetings – I took the initiative to acquire us a Livestream account and livestreamed the audio portion of the meeting.  It seemed to go well.  I also took audio recording of the meeting which is currently on my laptop.  I will edit it and included it at the bottom of this summary later this week.

It was once again crowded, we honestly did not have enough room for everyone and it was difficult to find places to plug in our computers.  Jay, the C.O., ended up sitting at the end and I beside him to run the operations of the recording of the meeting and livestreaming it.  It is now possible to listen to the entire meeting on Livestream at www.livestream.com/usscontinuum

Events coming up this month:

  • Game Night on March 8th, 2013 at 6 p.m at Bobe’s Hobby House.
  • Night of Nature on March 8th at 6 p.m. at the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center in Cantonment.
  • Charity Day on March 9th, 2013 at Noon at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Bowling Fundraiser Meeting on March 9th at 4:00 p.m. at Cordova Lanes
  • Ten Forward on March 18th, 2013 at O’Charlies
  • Starfleet Display Board Workshop on March 27th, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Kat Cline’s

Major Events this month:

  • Region 2 Starfleet Meetings – March 8th through March 10th in Shoals, Alabama
  • MegaCon – March 15th through March 17th in Orlando, Florida

Not going on this month – Movie night declined for the moment; Putt-putt which was rained out last month is rescheduled for April

Coming up in April: Operations Meeting; Festival on the Green; Star Trek Viewing at the Library; Yuri’s Night; Charity Day; Homeschool Presentation; Star Trek – One Night only Movie Presentation at the Bayou 15; & Putt-Putt Tournament

What happen on January 16 1985?
What happen on January 16 1985? avatar

January, 16th 1985 was officially declared “Leonard Nimoy Day” in Los Angeles. You’ll find Leonard Nimoy’s star in the north-west corner of Cherokee Ave. and Hollywood Boulevard. It was the first star in 1985 on Hollywood Boulevard.  It has a movie-camera in it and the name “Leonard Nimoy”.


Besides of press, fans and by-standers, Leonard’s family, his parents and most colleagues from Star Trek were present. The President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Bill Welsh, honored Leonard not only for his talents but for his dedications for the local community as well. He emphasizes that Leonard gets involved. Leonard’s list of credits was read by the honorary mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant, who as well read numerous well-wishing telegrams. Leonard thanked all the people who have been so supportive. “…There is no way in the world that I could have hoped or possibly even dreamed that a day like this would come in my life…”   Smiling he ended with the words: “I find myself in a rather illogical position. My star is on the ground and my head in the stars.”

Yard Sale: October 1
Yard Sale: October 1 avatar

The Continuum will be returning to Water Works, Inc. for our next Yard Sale on Saturday, October 1.  Set-up begins at 5 a.m. with the sale starting at 6.

Our last yard sale turned out to be quite a success.  As always, we’re asking members to donate items to help the ship raise the funds it needs.  We also need crewmembers to assist with the set-up, running, and take-down.  Contact Jay for more information.